Developing The Soul.

We are here to learn by communicating with our fellow being, not copy them.

If they’re yelling at you, you don’t have to copy them, understand that what they did hurt you so you know now that you should not hurt someone by yelling at them.

Topical human behaviour is to copy whatever they see.

But, no you need to be yourself, learn to listen to your higher self.

I’ve seen children being born so beautiful and lovable, but after 1 year, they change according to what they’ve seen around them.

It’s not anyone’s fault if they are being a dick, if someone is being a dick it’s because they’ve been hurt, and they just want to be herd that’s why they’re yelling and abusing, it’s a cry for help.

The ones who have rage outside, usually have loneliness inside…. don’t be so hard on them, show them love show them an example of yourself, show them how to love and there are people who like love and friendliness and show them that there are people who won’t get hurt by there behavior but ask for friendship instead.

They’ll feel love and peace that they’ve been lurking for years, they’ll be happy.

Helping others is helping yourself, because you’re vibrating higher than you did before, accept challenges that are sent to you from the universe, the universe wants the best for you, trust the universe and go in with the flow by accepting the situation.

I love you with Universal Love.
May the light of the source guide you.

Thank You for reading.

Meg Sebastian.


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