Firewall of Souls Growth.

All of this various teaching have a firewall, it’ll not allow you to reach your higher self unless you can punch through it, firewall I’m speaking of is Forgiveness, this ultimately is the key that everything else stands off of, true forgiveness is acceptance of others, and by accepting others you’ve forgiven and accepted yourself because you’re a part of them as they are part of you.

Reason for this is ultimately is that your mind is the cosmic mind, the cosmic mind is your true identity and that means it proves that it is one of us here.

Ultimately we may come to discover that the galaxy itself is an intelligent being, our human lives might not be so seperate and isolated it may not only occur on this one planet the human template maybe written through the fabric of the galaxy itself and emerge again and again on any given planet where it can, each one of us and our mind maybe likes in the mind of the galaxy but untill we awakened to the fact that this mind exists that we are fundamental part of it, you may have completely lost the track of who we are, and even more importantly who we can become.