Chinese Remote Viewing!

Remote viewing would be taking the principle you can have the outer body experience go somewhere else see something that is worthwhile information and bring it back them, then in the military standardized this process to get into the point where you can do it by yourself while you’re conscious so that the part of your mind is awake part of your mind is asleep and you’re able to fly around and actually see these things out there in the world, now the Chinese were studying extra high functioning or what they call EHF psychics, “Extra High Functioning” or EHF psychics studied in a laboratory, in the laboratory and in this one particular remote viewing experiment they were looking at a Chinese character complex, Remote-viewing a complex Chinese character in a light-shielded room, Chinese character while they were being under the influence of remote viewing they went into this one room where the character was and they had to read which character was they didn’t even know what’s it gonna be, they didn’t know it was going to be this character or anything else, but here’s the trick, the Chinese character was located in a room that was completely dark, there was no way that light could get into that room, but they had light sensors in the room and what they found was during the times that they accurately saw the target they actually can read the Chinese character and figure out which one It was, while the target was being correctly viewed, up to 15,000 photons appeared in the room!

So now think about Thomas Garrett and the son of the Broadway play writer, here is this guy floating into a sorority seeing his girlfriend write the letter he dictates the letter 100% correct.

The Chinese proved that there is actually a measurable energy that we give off when we are going out of body and going to these places, so thats a fascinating dicovery because what it reveals is that this astral body is not some fantasy it’s a real energetic presence that actually is giving off photons of light measurable photons.