Thomas Garrett.

He wrote a book for how ESP would work for you, and that was in the late 1960’s and it was a very very important book in my development it was the first book i read. 

He describes using hipnosis in a very very unique  way that we might not realize.
He is talking about a famous hypnotist named Dr. Thomas Garrett who hypnotized the son of a famous playwright from Broadway, so this was the main stream kid who was a high profiled person because of his father, the young man had a falling-out with his fiance from a Wellesley  sorority, they were going to get married and something bad happened between them, and he thought that he was all over for good he was really distraught about this so he went to Dr. Thomas Garrett seeking hypnotherapy he wanted some sort of treatment for it, now here’s the strange thing Dr Thomas Garrett had experience with hypnotizing people and telling them that under hypnosis they can fly they can go anywhere, they can walk through walls and it’s not a big deal, it’s a natural ability we all have as if when you’re hypnotized you’re automatically having an outer body experience, having an astral projection so this son of the Broadway playwright was instructed to go to the sorority building when he was hypnotized to visit his fiance sure enough he was able to go there he was told that he could fly right through her door and in fact he did go right through the door he then found her right at her desk and she was actually writing him a letter hoping that they would be able to get back together reconcile there engagement, so he was so excited about this that he almost it knocked him over his hypnosis, Dr Thomas Garrett was able to keep him calm enough so that he can look over her shoulder and read the letter that she was writhing so it dectated the letter, word by word. He wrote down the letter, when the session was over he said wouldn’t that be nice if that was true, because he was instructed to remember everything that happened, so then the next day he gets a special delivery telegram and the telegram is the exact same letter from this fiance sent to him and Dr. Thomas Garrett file had her letter with his original handwritten note, only off by some couple words, so he was literally to read the letter she wor to word and read the letter Dr Thomas Garrett wrote it down, this was done in the 1930’s and so it seems that there was a liberat repression in place to keep this information from us.