Turning Your Ego energy into Love energy.

I think your reason to be here is to learn how to listen to your higher self, the one you never hear, that you turn your ego energy into love and oneness, know all is one, have knowledge that it is “we or us” not “I or me”.
The more you learn to adapt them, the better of you’re going to be.
I discover a long time ago, that deep meditation in the human condition, I realized we all have the same basic wounding at the core of our soul this wounding appears to be the root of all the addictive and compulsive behaviour that we ever get stuck in.
This original wound is an illusion.

But, it becomes very compelling to us and it burries deep within our sub-consciousness mind to the point that we don’t even realize its there.
This wound comes from the sense that the creator has abandoned us and we’ve been left, exposed, unprotected on this planet, Earth.
This wound comes from the fact that we often see our parents as if they were God (by God I mean, someone who will always love you or be for you when everyone else leaves or won’t let you down etc.. ) since we were a little child, (by that i mean like when brain wasn’t developed enough or were very happy and innocent, before the world started to hurt) in wary ways the parents are gonna dissapoint us, and we’re going to have painful experiences when we feel abandoned, left alone, that our needs are not being met, that nobody really seems to care about us, and we invariably project that  same disappointment onto the creator, this intern needs the what I call, wheel of karma, where we keeps repeating the same painful experiences over and over again, in fact, that’s all it seems to happen is that new characters keep appearing in our lives to full fill the same role on a deep archetypel level as our parents once did, now we may not become conscious of this. We may not realize that’s what’s happening to us, we think these people in our lives are different one from the other, but we seems to notice that we might have bad luck or their is a theme which keeps repeating in our lives.
*Why is it that I always end up here in this same spot.

The same thing is happening over and over again, isn’t it ever going to change.*
Believe it or not, in my estimation, the universe is here to teach us love and forgiveness.

And there’s a very essential statement made within a law of one series where it says, “In Forgiveness Lies The Stoppage Of The Wheel Of Karma.”
Wheel of karma represent this rotating series of experiences that we keep going through, or over and over again we meet with the result of what we’ve created, but it’s only once we learned forgiveness the wheel actually stops rotating when it reaches the top, and we don’t have to keep collapsing into the darkness of the soul it’s called over and over again, our life becomes impressively blessed.