Wake Up People

Life is so boring here, wake up in the morning for job then come back home put something in your mouth, take a dump, then sleep, REPEAT IT TILL YOU DIE, everyone’s a system slave here, since you begin to understand world you’re pushed to get in school and get fucked for atleast 17 years if you don’t fuck up with your grades, then college then get a job and do some shit whether you like it or not, until you die, there is no time for a human to be free for once, so corrupted and organized. It’s mind slavery. It’s like humans are being psychologically manipulated so that they won’t think about why they choose to be born on Earth, I know from the beginning that humans aren’t suppose to do this, there true nature was to grow in love, learn to forgive and love, unity and spirituality, not to make money or get degrees…
Stupid green paper is being worshipped as God on Earth then there is degrees, piece of paper which tells you how intelligent you are, no, I cannot agree with that, that certificate can’t tell you how much knowledge you got in that one particular subject, oh by the way you can learn anything from internet or library books, it’s just you won’t have a certificate which allows you to get a better job with better income.
Nothing on Earth makes sense, why can’t the government leaders delete the system of money and choose a system where humans would help each other with love and live like family by respecting each other by the power of unity. Remove all the borders which seperate humans from there own species, removing borders would create much abundance and less war, borders separate a part of Earth and then a human who is living on the other side of the border hate or say shit like “America is better than your country” stupid childish shit, it creates hate, why not just delete religions, religion never helped anyone but put a human in a state where there brain doesn’t  work or don’t hear there consciousness, I don’t think you’re gonna agree with a stone age book if you’re in your right mind, conscious. It’s like Earth leaders aren’t even trying to help change the society, they’re just busy making this world more crappy, cutting trees, trees who gave every living creature life, literally. Killing forest, stealing animals home then fucking up Earth’s air, even water OMG fishes are committing suicide because factories throwing poisonous crap in the oceans. If government leaders really cared for us, wouldn’t they do there best to protect Earth and humans, not bombing them just because there is a border in between or religion is different, human is still human, your own specie, no wonder why extraterrestrials are afraid to contact humans directly, other species on Earth are afraid to interact with humans too, can’t  even live with own species.
Humans are imbeciles a really disturbing specie to observe, I mean they just copy what they see around them. I mean, there was a experiment where, they place a human baby with a monkey so that monkey would evolve by looking at the human child by learning how human baby function but, vise versa, human child started to act like monkey, human child started to copy monkey… you get my point? It’s in human nature to copy what they see, can’t do anything by there own perspectives.
Use your mind, look around you, look at what the fuck you are doing… humans.. please, help earth, if we become one, every human on Earth would work together to make this world a better place for your children or grand children, do something, anything. Please.