We All Are Humans.

I think even if there are borders in between us to seperate us or religion to separate us, or racial differences to seperate us, no matter how you look, we all are humans, made up of the same matter which is billions of years old, no matter what you think, we are Star dust, even your left arm might be made up of different start than your right arm, everyone is different and unique in their own way.

I’ve met many different people, everyone is intelligent in something and stupid in something, no-one is perfect. Its just, if you force a person who have passion in singing, you can force him or her to be a doctor for better income, because that’s not what they’re intrested in. You can teach a fish to fly or climb, if the fish can’t climb or fly, the fish would live his entire life thinking he is stupid with low self-esteem and confidence. 

We all are unique and different and that’s what makes us all special in our own way.

If everyone were only good in one particular subject, life would very boring on Earth. Every each one of us makes this world different and better in own way.

If you think someone is inferior or something it’s your brain which is reflecting something about you, because no matter how much you feel like they’re inferior in something, it’s just your own perspective about yourself because you don’t actually know other humans, you haven’t lived in there shoes to know ‘what they’re thinking’ or ‘why they’re doing what they’re doing’ only they know themselves, you can only judge by your own knowledge of experiences, so psychologically, you’re judging yourself and you need to work on yourself, because criticizing others won’t help you but would create more heavy ego and negative energy in you which isn’t good for your DNA.

We all know that we have a higher self guiding us directing our lives, and ensuring that we meet up with whatever we create.

What can I do to help my cosmic evolution along?

All spiritual traditions tells us that we are here to learn love.
I’ve seen abundant evidence and varieties of studies, that love is written into our genetic code.
For example, doctor Dr. Glen Rein found that love can actually causes conformational changes in our DNA. DNA molecules actually heals itself in the presence of loving energy that is sent through intent.

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