Post Hypnotic Suggestions

So, another very interesting thing with hypnosis is the idea of post hypnotic suggestion, Cleve Backster who I’ve talked about in the previous post would use post hypnotic suggestion in front of large audiences, specifically what he would do in many cases he tell someone who’s under hypnosis he told a man he would not be able to see or hear backster for 30 minutes, “I will be walking in front of you but you can’t see or hear me, so like i don’t even exist“,  then he brings the guy out of hypnosis now sure enough, the man comes out of trance and the whole audience is laughing, thought he was fine – but could not see Backster, Backster is walking around and he can’t see him at all, craziest part was when Backster actually picked up a cigarette lit it and start smoking and blowing smoke clouds in the air all the guy saw was the cigarette levitating and smoke just pouring out of nothingness in the air and he actually got really freaked out and run out of the room and it was the audience calming him down and got him to stay he had no idea that Backster was there, but exactly 30 minutes later, he had timed this, all of the sudden he can see Backster again like nothing was wrong.

So, this guy is at the awaking state of cousciousness he didn’t think anything was different when you’re on post hypnotic suggestion you don’t realize that anything about your reality is different so how do we know that we’re not under some kind of post hypnotic suggestion right now?

Just to push the envelope further there’s an amazing story in The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot which is a story that he personally witnessed in which a hypnotist, hypnotized the father of a young girl and under hypnosis he told the father that he would not be able to see his own daughter or hear her whatsoever, now when he comes out of hypnosis under this post hypnotic suggestion before he taken out of his hypnosis the hypnotist puts the daughter right in front of her father so literally her body is right in front of his face, he comes out of hypnosis then he is looking around but he cannot see her at all he doesn’t hear her giggling, everybody in the room were really surprised by that, then the hypnotist takes a pocket watch and actually pushes it into a pocket on her back, he did it quickly enough that nobody in the room was able to see that it was a pocket watch, but then he said to the man who was under post hypnotic suggestion, “Can you see what I have in my hand, now this man actually leans forward and he squinting and sure enough he was actually able to see that it was a pocket watch he was able to read the scripture on the pocket watch perfectly, accurately looking through the body of his daughter, now again, while he was doing that he appeared to be perfectly conscious, this part of us having out of body experience it’s not only hits on when you’re hypnotized, this appears to be happening all the time, we’re not just normally aware of it, but this suggest that physical reality as we know it is much more plastic then we normally consider some people like to call it different frequencies and vibrations, I know some scientists who really discourage to use of those terms, but one of the terms, we do use for this seems to be more accurately as density, is physical matter only one of many “Densities“? Matter may not be as solid as we think, there can be different densities of source, source is ultimately being consciousness and being the author of realities, being the author of physical matter, intelligence that creates the physical matter, so if you are given the right post hipnotic suggestion it appears that you can see right though the physical matter, physical matter existed in a certain densityin which it appears to be solid to us but there are other levels in which it is not solid, and under the right suggestion it’s no longer that much of an obstacle, so how do we see through that veil if physical matter there only one frequency or one density, then what’s the secret going to allow us through that veil that’s one of the big question.