Our Agenda As Souls!

​If you study the works of dc Michael Newton, such as in his books Destiny Of Souls & Journey Of Souls, he reports a process where he used hypnosis to agress people to the period between there lives not just a past life regression but in, in between life aggression, when he did this he found that everyone kept saying the same things about what they experienced in between life times, and he collected this data over the course of 20 year during which time remarkably consistent. I was astonished when I recently read destiny and journey of souls and found out that words that was given to me in this books fit with this law of one philosophical material in the early 1980’s so well, as if they both were talking about the exact same cosmology, like everyone on the other side of Vail knows that it’s true. Most important points in Michael Newton’s books is that every one of us has a soul, and that soul is clearly aware that it has a spiritual agenda a mission to fulfil in each life time no matter how lost and confused we may feel that we are, even if we’re homeless on the side of the street, or desperately wrapped up in a world of addiction and pain and crime, we all know that we have a job on this planet and ultimately that job is to learn to love and forgiveness. If we don't get it in one life, we keep coming back over and over again it seems that once we done this enough times and we really get the point about loving others then we go through graduation this is what 2012 prophecy is really about the planet itself moves through an energetic transformation if you’re ready you don’t ever need to reincarnat again, in this human body, but you move into a new world, doctor Michael Newton books explain that everyone’s soul energy must learn to balance itself within the physical body, the energy of the physical body have there own biases creating egoic mind, that mind is based on the experiences the traumas and the expectations you build up throughout one life time, you also have a mind within your soul, that is working behind the scene to  trasnmute your ego mind, and raise it to much higher level of evolution, your souls mind works its magic and it will ultimately immigrate and transform your personality, in order for you to reach enlightenment.