Astral Body

Do we have an “Astral Body” already living in the physical body?

Yes, there is alot of evidence for that.

Do we access information this way – including transmitting visible photons?

I think the part of us floating around doesn’t just send photons to the area we’re looking at, remember the Chinese said in there research that when he subject was accurately remote viewing the target up to 15,000 photons burst into the room all at once, so it appears that we can send photons into a particular area that we’re viewing with our mind, so why couldn’t we take photons out of that area and bring them back to our mind as well, we can send photons out it should be two ways circuit, in other words, you can be floating around in your astral body seeing things which appears to be your eyes, the question is why do we even have eyes in the astral body or energy body is an interesting questions, but let’s sayyou’re looking at something and that something is giving off photons and you captured in your energy feild and somehow send it back to your mind, this is exactly I believe is happening.