By helping others, you’re helping yourself to grow in love.

In the law of one, it tells that the genetic changes in the galaxy has prepel us into this new world, which they call 4th density. They also do indicate that the time period in between 2011-2013 is when we reach a quantum leap in this transitional process, most importantly they say that 4th density is a realm of the existence is a realm on this planet which is 100 times more harmonious than what life on Earth is right now.

In order to be ready to inhabit this new world we must reach certain minimum requirements for what they call graduation, those minimum requirements only involve having a 51% desire service to others rather than manipulating and controling others but they call service to self in order for us to be ready for graduation, when the same source was asked to serve others they said “Seek the heart of the self” again I believe this first for the fact that when you really understand your identity it’ll not end to the boundary to the skin to the air you begin looking into the faces of others than seeing yourself if that is the same reason why would you wanna manipulate or control them to serve others is to help yourself, this also seems to appear in the eastern mysticism through the so called value bow of the bodhisafa, where you say “I seek my own enlightenment for the sake of all beings” it’s a clear and undeniable evidence that this bodisafa allows you to resonate an energy-feild that actually changes how other people think and feel such as the so-called maharishi effect where a group of 7 thousand people in meditation actually exerted the effect on terrorism around the world to such a degree that there was a 72% reduction in terrorist activity that took place during the time when the group was meditating.