Higher Self.

In my opinion, the best way of all access higher consciousness is through meditation, by stilling your mind and moving into that state of perfect peace, you’re able to reach that place where the thoughts within your mind are increasing the thoughts of your higher self. 

One of the interesting facts that most people do not realize is that you do have thoughts within your mind that come from the high self all the time, the key is that those thoughts are often being obscured by the fact that you’re holding to the past or guilt and pulled into the future through fear if you can get past those influences and be here now what begins to happen is that you’ve awakened to the love that is present in this moment you don’t need to be so preoccupied with:

How you look -:

  • The physical body is temporary that’s why soul matters, why not be beautiful from the inside by love not by coloring your face.
  • Why not be natural, because someday this face is gonna get eaten by insects when you die, but don’t worry, nature will kill you and make new things out of your atoms.


What other people think about you -:

  • Because, they are thinking about themselves as you think about yourself. They are just like you and me.
  • They’re just laughing because there intellect is not good enough to understand things you know. 

Every 🌻🌸flower🌺🌼 has its own time to blossom. They’ll learn when the time is right, everyone have a different lesson to learn on Earth. Everyone is on a different level of consciousness.

Know that haters are always going to hate, because they’re hurt themselves inside, people are always going to laugh at you, but it doesn’t  mean that you need to see yourself in unloving way, it’s also important to remember that there is no right way to meditate. Keeping your back straight is important, you may have certain words to repeat out loud, or in your mind, you may also see particular visual image or something else you would like to concentrate on in your head, but the real trick is to slow your mind down to the point constant chartering what we call the ego has been subdued, your mind becomes pure and empty from many of the thoughts normally preoccupied, this doesn’t mean that you never have any thoughts in your mind they’ll always be there but it does mean is that the thought comes through your mind are increasingly coming from cosmic consciousness, then in this state you can seek answers to problems you may have in your life and you’ll gain clarity.

Thank You for reading.

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❤Love❤ and 🌟🌞light🌞🌟 to everyone.
Meg Sebastian.