Non-Logical Mind.

Thoughts are like satellite TV Signals -biased as personal.

All physical matter, all space, all time and in fact biological life is all part of the consciousness, then your mind would be the gateway your mind would be the access point for that infinite consciousness, this changes the whole idea what thoughts would actually be, we are conditioned  that our thoughts accure in the mind as something that emerges from the result of electrical activity in the brain, what if thoughts do not simple accure in the mind, what if thoughts do not simply accure in the mind, what if thoughts are like satellite TV signals, because we’re sitting in the room right now we’re being bombarded with satellite television, broadband internet, movies, satellite radio, cell phone conversations,  up until recently it would have broadcast television but now that’s all gone to the digital spectrum.

The point is, even radio waves from the radio station, there is all this electromagnetic information going on around us right now, and we totally accept that, but what we don’t ask ourselves is, “Do thoughts work that way?“, could the brain, could the mind somehow tune in the source, tune with the thoughts  that are out there energetically and actually pulled them in and give us the direct access to what’s going on in the source, and do we share counsciousness, do we share a mind with others?

1983, there was a groundbreaking research done by Dr William Braud and Marilyn Schlitz.

They were pecificly investigating a branch of remote viewing called “remote influencing“. In remote influences is about you try to effect other people thought with your own mind, they weren’t trying to look at it as a negative thing voodoo thing, they were actually trying positive ways to use this, so then they found out that if participants come in for this particular study who had a high degree of anxiety and they put them in a room and then they went into an another room and the person in there doesn’t know that anything’s going on they measured the anxiety level of that person and then at a random time nothing else different they spontaneously start trying to influence that person to make them calm down and be less anxious and sure enough as they did that the person’s own anxiety scores remarkable decreased and the skeptics watching this on the internet, yes they measured it with physiological indicators, heart rate went down, respiratory rate down, galvanic skin response which is the electrical activity on your skin like on the lie detector test, all of those physiological signals actually changed just by them influencing this person from somewhere else doesn’t mean they handed some magazine reads the magazine and then he calms down because as I’ve said they’ve left them in there for a while measured the anxiety score and stayed to the certain level and it wasn’t until they did the remote influencing the anxiety changed and the next study is even more fascinating because they gave people tests to see how well they could concentrate and they’ve found that through remote influencing thy could actually improve people’s ability to concentrate you literally can have someone else do the thinking for you they join with your mind and you become more effective at thinking now somebody say okay ” ah well maybe we have ability to calm people down and maybe because you calm down that made you think better” but it can’t be that there is any real information other than this general calming effect that could be transmitted is not true either in science there is a documented fact phenomena called the multiple effect now the phenomenon of multiple effect was catalogued as having acured forty eight times in 1922, now what is multiples.
Multiples refers to different scientists who are isolated each other who are not reading about each other’s work independently coming up with exactly the same discoveries at almost exactly the same time.

I’m just gonna give you some few examples:

The “Multiples” Effect.

148 examples cataloged by 1922.

  • Calculus was discovered independently by more than one scientist at a time.
  • Evolution, the theory of evolution wasn’t just Darwin’s, there were other scientists working on it at the same time.
  • Decimal fractions.
  • The discovery of oxygen, color photography, logarithms, Sunspots, the law of conservation of the energy.
  • Thermometer, 6 different people simultaneously invented the thermometer. Each of them thinking they discovered it themselves and they deserve the credit for it. 
  • 9 different people independently discovered the telescope at the same time and all wanted to be credited with the discovery.
  • Multiple individuals invented typewriter at the same time.
  • Five different people invented the steam boat at the same time.

So, what I’m telling you is, as we’re working on these problem as our mind is trying to solve something and we start to have new insights it’s as if those insights are actually creating informational field a code that goes into this global mind that we are all sharing, and other people can access the information directly.
Over 500 studies scientifically controlled proving that consciousness affects biological systems as well as electrical systems!

Less than One Chance In A Trillion that any other explanation exists!

Now, overall likelihood, that this could be some sort of chance that there could be any other explanation for why this is working other then that we all share consciousness that we’re all psychic is less then one chance in a trillion that should get some attention, I mean at this point we have to surrender the scepticism.

In the book, I’ll bury you with data there are so many references I’m only giving slightest little hints of each thing, because it just goes on and on but I given you some of the most interesting ones scientific multiple is a wonderful example 148 different cases by 1922

The most fascinating and most important fact that I want everyone to know today, is The Meditation Effect.