The Meditation Effect!

The Meditation Effect was proposed and tested by maharishi mahesh yogi same maharishi who the Beatles visited in the late 1960’s that’s how they got so popular in the first place.

The MAHARISHI was of the belief that if you got square root of 1% of the worlds population together in one room that those people if they meditated, could have an effect upon everyone in the world, so sure enough what they found with the maharishi called the meditation effect is that the seventh thousand people meditated together caused a 72% reduction in terrorism around the world, now how does it work, what I’m trying to say here is that the thoughts of voilence were influenced to a very disproportionate level by thoughts of love, peace and harmony.

The people who were going through this meditative practice were reaching a state called pure consciousness which means that your mind is uplifted, you feel extremely blissful and extremely at peace and in that state of consciousness it appears to be some sort radiant effect  that goes through everyone’s mind on Earth so your emotional feeling is actually not just a private event the way you feel in your mind and in your heart, is influenced by the world to such an extend that 3 out of 4 people worldwide decided not to pick up guns or commit any kind of voilence, or whatever they wanted to do that may have caused mayhem and chaos…

So think about that time that you start feeling stress anger concern worry, it’s a good habit to ask, “Is this my feelings or someone else’s“.

There are many many studies for example Institute of HeartMath, showing that, If you live next door to someone else that you actually synchronize brain wave patterns, heart rate respiratory rate, galvanic skin response, the person you might never speak to, I live in New Delhi most polluted and populated place available on Earth, so I can speak from personal experience, there people lived right next door to me I didn’t know who they were, I saw them occasionally but they’re only 20 or 30 feet away, you think the aura is interrupted by those walls, no. Energy goes right through the wall, now here is the cool part though whoever had more coherence in there brain waves, heart rate, respiratory rate and galvanic skin response went out over to the other person so the loving energy, loving consciousness super sees the negative consciousness and obviously in the meditation effect it has a worldwide effect, just a small group of people 1% of the population of human kind getting together and working on this and have an disproportionate on everyone thinks and feel.

That’s why, be happy for the sake of others around you, imagine if only 1% can do this much for the world, how wonderful it might be if everyone in earth started to respect each other, imagine what we could achieve by love. This is an astonishing fact, it has been proven in 39 different studies, and again the odds are in billions in one chance that anything else could've been responsible they ruled out weakends weather police in crime activities government changes everything, the only thing thay caused it was people meditating.