The atoms which consist our body might have came from different universe.

SEX SEX SEX…… Now that I got your attention, why not we talk about how our planet Earth is actually constructed by the ancient space travelling astronauts, amazing right? Humanoid looking beings are everywhere in the Universe… well, that’s what I think… if there are planets, probably got life too, not humans but any sort of life which is meant to live on such surface. Or if you are a flat earth believer, then we might be living in a stimulated world, like video games are made up of bits or binary codes, everything you’re looking at is made up of atoms. What if a intelligent being made this all up for there entertainment, like in the bible, God was having fun with Job, maybe God and Satan always bet on humans and make there lives miserable and laugh how funny we fall and pray to God like a dumbass. Anyways… enough about bible… 

We are made up of the matter which is billions of years old, from the big bang. Every atom in our body came from the big bang. Matter can not be destroyed or created.

We are made up of those atoms. If that is the case that means we are actually, billions of years old yet act like 5 year old.

Every year 98% of our atoms replaced, which raise a question…  are you still yourself?

Anyways… NASA have found thousands of habitable planets in our own galaxy, so, if evolution can make life on planet Earth on which you’re sitting and reading this boring blog, it is possible that there is life on other planets too, I mean these galaxies have nothing and only one planet, God’s favorite planet? This doesn’t make sense.

This planet alone has been inhabited by so many species, trillions of species alone on one planet, even now we don’t know much about our own ocean. We know more about Mars than we know about what’s in the depth of the ocean awaits for us to be discover (nobody down there is waiting for real, calm down) , maybe mermaids… who knows, imagine how many life forms there might be on those thousands of planet.

Life doesn’t have to be humanoid, humans can’t live inside water, but fish can, if a planet is made up of water, it will be habitable for the species who are meant to live in that atmosphere. This reminds me of a planet which is made up of diamond, Saturn rains diamonds, like Venus rains acid,  oh yeah, forgot about Uranus also rains diamonds. Uranus was first to be discovered by astronauts.

Also, it can be that extraterrestrial doesn’t wanna talk to us, like when a human is walking, they don’t notice any bugs and doesn’t bother to look at them, uninterested and leave and the worm doesn’t even know about the humans existence. 

This embarrassing moment actually happened in real, NASA received a undecoded message from Saturn’s moon, known as Ganymede, and NASA let the president know about the message and after week’s of conferences and meetings they finally decided to reply them, NASA decided to send the message in Morse Code which was considered to be the easiest for an alien civilization to decode.  It was “We have received your signal, but we do not understand it.  Please resend your signal using this language and transmission code.” After  short time, someone from Ganymede replied ~ We were not talking to you.“, so embarrassing, it’s like you’re walking and you spot a friend, you wave to them but someone esle you don’t wanna talk to waves back thinking you waved at them, and then there is this awkward tension.

There was another message which also made humans to get embarrassed about There childish behavior, in 1977, there was a broadcast which hacked UK’s monitors to transmit a message, telling humans in his ungodly manliest manly voice that we need to stop the use of nuclear weapons and we have but a short time to learn and live together in peace.” They thought a human hijacked there monitors, but if it was a human, won’t the message be like “Burn merica me God best my god the best fuck the rest” only a concerned neighbourhood would sound like “Throw the weapons of evil and the energy you call money.” Why would a human talk like that. Ever heard a human say that.. and it ain’t easy to hijack all the monitors of UK. Because UK is UK. 

Here is the link:
It’s like two kids fighting over there imaginary friend who got better Imaginary friend than other one (talking about religion, imagery friend is God for those who can’t understand jokes) and a adult got in to stop the fight and warn them and left.

There are many universes in the source. In a theory, It is said to be that we are living inside a black hole, each black hole contains a Universe. How? Black hole suck everything in even light can’t escape the gravitational pull a black hole has, it spins so fast that it breaks  the  if that is the case then our matter came from a different universe. Amazing right? I’m sure all universes are inhabited by many different species, different life forms. They are living in different densities, according to their dimensions they are in. The photonic energy is high in the higher dimensions, these beings have an etheric body, out of photons. To understand about the photonic energy. Read “Astral Body” ~

Everything is made up of there thought energy, even ships are made by there thought energy. 

Read these links to understand about the thought energy better:

Everyone is telepathic and are connected to each other by the power of love. In the lower dimensions, where the energy is low they have a physical body. Humans are everywhere in the universe on different dimensions, on different planets with different level of consciousness. In lower dimensions, you’ll receive a vessel for your soul, the vessel will look like the ones you got genes from and that will be your parents, it is yours untill you experience the sweet release of death, in this realm, you’ll learn lessons in life, understand that there are no mistakes, everything is happening for a reason, lessons are going to get repeated if you didn’t get it in the first place, Even some moons and suns have life. Suns are also gates to other dimensions. There are many planets who have life on the same frequency as the earth, but most planets are more developed and have life on a higher dimension. That means that there is more cosmic energy and everything is more beautiful and lovable. Nature is happy with flowers, animals aren’t afraid to face those beings as animals are afraid to contact a human here. Everybody is telepathic, there are no lies , no diseases, no aggressiveness, because love energy sent through intent has conformational changes on the DNA molecules, the DNA heals itself in the presence of loving energy, and evolve faster, People on higher developed planets are living in Oneness with the source of the Universe. In the universe that we are now in, many developed humans and other species in the universe are traveling light years away since billions of years as astronauts with space ships, or as a light being and are visiting and exploring the Universe, this is the cause of our evolution, our DNA was reengineered by beings who visited earth thousands of years ago, this is why we have different languages, culture, faces etc.. etc… the Gods humans worship are just humans visitors from distant planets. Some came here to teach humans love, some came here to create war and power and some for greedy purposes. It is because of ancient space travelers, that planet earth is inhabited by different kinds of humans, different life forms, animals and plants. They’ve shaped the history of this planet for millions of years. The vibrations and the frequency on Earth is constantly rising, everyone’s thoughts and emotions are manifesting quicker, It is the time for your purification from both outside and inside. Keep on spreading love, fill yourself with photons…because soul is made up of photonic energy.

If you are dealing with blockades in your life, ask your inner self to show you what you have to heal in your life. Watch your thoughts and if you see that they are negative, turn them around with positive energy. Imagine that you are receiving Love and Light from the Universe. Cosmic Love is the biggest power there is. It is the key to higher consciousness.

We all are here to assist our fellow human beings to evolve out of negative energies into the energies of Light, but first we need to work on our self, taking out the ego and being guided by the soul. Earth humans have to learn to live in tune with nature. The planet is a living being and air, the water, the plants and the animals should be treated with respect. If earth humans continue to live against nature and against love with exaggerated consumption, greed for power, use of poison and atomic power in the industry and continue to create hate energy against others. life on earth will be very unpleasant, because the universe and the planet will have to purify the negative energy. If you are destroying nature – you are destroying yourself! All earth humans are responsible of how society will be. Your thoughts and emotions are creating your future! Because it is the energy of the source, the cosmic central consciousness, the source of all sources. We can overcome every difficulty, every obstacle, if we use the power of cosmic love. Even for big, worldwide problems we can find solutions if we unfold the power of cosmic love. If negative people make you sad and weaken your high vibrational love energy build it up again! Your love energy should always be in a healthy, powerful state. Real spiritual humans are creating positive energies for the benefit of all the other humans because we all are connected.

My lovely fellow humans, be brave, trust yourselves and have faith, Light and Love will always finds a way to teach you lessons which is important for you. Always remember that you are not alone, that I will always support you, as well as your Family of Light in the universe watching you grow.

love you with Universal Cosmic Love.

Thank you very much for reading.

Have a good life.

Megan Sebastian!