The Universe is full of life.


In the Universe that we are now, 

Many developed humanoid civilizations on other planet and other different species in this universe, have been travelling since billions of years, as Astronauts, with spaceships or as a light-being, and are visiting and exploring the Existence of the Source, some of them visited Earth, some were benevolent and some were negative, some created war and some taught how to love and forgive. Because of those extraterrestrials, Earth humans have so many religions with so many different Gods, languages, cultural patterns and different types of humans, such as Asians, Blacks, Whites, Indian, Mexican etc.. 

It is because of those space travelers, why planet earth is inhabited by different forms of life, such as, humans, fishes, birds, plants and animals.

The benevolent races would have contacted the Earth beings, if earth humans would let go of any form of negativity and hate and become friendly. They had warned Humans through interrupting a tv broadcast, in 1977. If anyone want to listen, you can email me, and I would send you the audio clip of the message.


Many people on earth think that out of the infinity number of planets in the universe and dimensions, only on this small planet have life. 


They believe this out of 5 reasons:

  • Reason Number 1.  They have no knowledge that life is on many dimensions. And not only on the physical low vibration. On higher dimension. You can find higher developed civilizations who are living  in a higher frequency. And therefore. Are not visible to people in the physical dimension. But they can make themselves visible if they want. 
  • Reason Number 2: They have no personal experience with the beings from other planet and dimensions, and therefore they don’t know. 
  • Reason Number 3: They are influenced from TV, Movies, Governments and dogmatic believe systems to believe that there is nothing in space and that they have to obey the punishment of an invented God who was invented by rulers, to keep the ignorant masses in fear and have power over them.
  • Reason Number 4: People with ego and jealousy,  Don’t want to see the fact that there are more advanced beings in the universe, because they feel inferior. 
  • Reason Number 5 : There is too much false information and videos in the internet, and it is difficult for an average or inexperienced earth human to distinguish the genuine and true information from the misinformation. Even on some pages who present themselves spiritual one can see a lot of ego, arrogance and competition. 

There are still people who doesn’t believe there is life outside this planet, because the NASA said they didn’t find any life.

Even in Earth you can see there are billions of insects, billions of birds, billions of different types of animals, even still we are discovering new species of fished or creature every day in the Ocean. So, probably there is life outside Earth, as it is suitable for the beings who’re living on a hot planet or cold,  there are stars so cold that a human hand can touch them, even some moons have beings living on the surface like Earth.


So it’s necessary to have personal experiences with the light and the galactic family.  In order to have personal experiences, One has to investigate the information with a loving, spiritual heart, with no ego, arrogance or hate. 

This will create the right frequency, to develop the consciousness and attract higher developed beings and eventually the knowledge and understanding and the ability to distinguish from false information. 

So we see that there are many phychological and energetic  blockages  on earth, that are blocking most humans to have experiences with the light and have knowledge and understanding of the Existence. 

Man made believe system, dogmas, hate, ego, arrogance, superstition, cults, fear and control,  are blocking humans to get in touch with there conscious, touch with the energy of light, and are blocking the mind to have love, compassion and respect for everything and everybody, no matter how small a living being seems, all lives matter, think before you kill a bug or an insect, if you don’t care about the little being then think about your own karma. You create negative energy by killing and hurting a living being, it doesn’t matter how small they are, the wheel of karma will get you until you learn and understand, that we all are one and equal in the cosmos.

If everybody had a consciousness of Love, the society on earth would slowly become a healthy society of freedom, respect, sympathy, abundance and spirituality, and humans would live in a humans friendly environment.
To be spiritual means to be loving, 
compassionate, honest, helpful to everything in life and to be free from man made religions, doctrines, believe system, cults, superstition, ego, hate and wars. 

To be spiritual means to be in tune with the energy of the Cosmic Awareness,  the energy that earth humans are calling “God”. 
The Cosmic Awareness can be felt in an environment of deep unconditional Love. 
The Cosmic Awareness is pure energy of Love that creates the highest feeling of bliss in the heart and if you don’t believe it, try to feel it, because this is why you’re here, to live and love not to get some degree and a job. Your true mission to visit Earth is to learn love and to be positive even in different negative situations.

By getting in touch with deep universal Love in the heart, One understands that the Cosmic Awareness, is the Cosmic Energyy from which everything in the Cosmos exists and it’s free of any human made dogmatic belief system. 
The energy that Earth humans call God, is an universal Cosmic Energy of Awareness, it is not an old man with a beard and negative characteristics like revenge, reward or punishments. 

We are all children or particles of the Cosmic Awareness. 

Many spiritual teachers like Jesus or Budha were telling this too, but unfortunately people misunderstood them and stared to worship them and distorted their words. 

The Cosmic Awareness “GOD”,  that created all universe and dimensions. Does not support religions and it is not blessing wars, military, or cult leaders who call themselves “Holy”, and it is not blessing political ego-campaigns or sport ego competition events like BasketBall,  FootBall or any other compitional events. 

Those who have experienced the bliss of the Light and universal Cosmic Love in the heart, are not able to feel ego, arrogance or hate. 
Those enlightened people don’t ask anyone to believe anything. 

They simply share truth and knowledge and leave it to the people to realize it for themselves, in personal experiences. 

The energy called GOD is the unlimited energy that can be found in the heart, in the compassion and Love for everything. 
The Universal Cosmic Energy of the Cosmic Awareness GOD is present in every particle and every atom in your DNA, you just have to listen to the inner voice to understand and learn. Negative energy, negative feelings destroys the DNA, love literally heals the DNA molecules. Even a thought of Love can effect you positively.
Every Plant, every living being, even air is filled with the energy of the Cosmic Awareness. 
It depends on each individual, how we interact with this divine energy. 
The best way to use this divine energy,  is by using universal Love in the heart. 

This can transform the personal and global life. It can create an Awarrness of Cosmic Love globally and therefore it can create an intelligent, peaceful society. 

This is what spiritual teachers like Jesus, Budha, Apolo and thousands of others were here for, to share this knowledge, but unfortunately humans misunderstood them and made a religion out of there name and started to fight with each other for ‘who got the better God’ instead of understanding there words.

Cosmic Love is the essence of Universal, friendliness, respect, honesty and compassion, and can not be activated with an arrogant or fanatics “know it all” behavior of the rational ego mind. 

Comic Love is not be misunderstood with the limited brain-Love of relationships on Earth, where ego and possession can be found in most cases.

From my personal experience, I know that Cosmic Love is a much more powerful energy that can be felt and activated only in the heart, and once this Love energy is in the heart, a person is changed forever. 

The higher energy of Cosmic Love is activating a higher consciousness and a personality without ego, jealousy, arrogance or hate. 
All your actions and thought are based on universal Love and it can be felt when you talk.

Even science on Earth knows, that emotional and psychological blocked are causing unpleasant situations, but when we heal them, we can created a society  of real Universal Love, Joy, Abundance, understanding and Justice. 


No one is better anyone, everyone is equal.
Universe is full with positive & negative beings and the universe is one, made up of sub-atomic particles. So we all are connected to everything,  wether you are on earth or on different planet or solar system,  so if we hate someone then we are hatting a part of ourself because we all are one and we all are connected in the cosmos. 
Negative and positive energies are part of the material realms of existence. It is the individual who must master its co-existence and interface amongst both parameters so that a balance-equalized harmony is produced through a balanced Psyche and conscious awareness.

That is why it is so important to master meditation in not only the waking realms, but also in the dreaming realms where physical laws no longer applies, only when the dream conscious “allows” such events to occur.

From the distance, planet earth looks like a beautiful blue pearl in the vast, limitless and inhabited space. 
But what would you see when you look closer, and fly over the surface of the Earth? 
Do we see a healthy environment of love, peace, wellness and abundance for humans and nature? 
Or do we see a society of ego, hate, competition,  violence, military and pollution that is slowly destroying itself? 

A small number of people on this planet, know how it feels like to be in harmony with other people, animals and nature, by using the energy of the heart! 
Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone on planet Earth would have cosmic love in the heart and experience bliss and abundance? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a society with no competition thinking, no TV manipulation, no wastefulness of natural resources, no smoking, no diseases, no extreme consumption? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if we would live in a peaceful,  United and loving society, without borders of aggression, without hate, ego, weapons,  military and pride, without stress, drugs, depression, sadness, diseases, poverty, no fears? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a society without uncivilized, senseless, blunt behavior, without  jealously, lies, bullying, slandering, or physical abuse,  without slave trade, without rape cases, without insanity, without dogmatic believe systems, cults and political greed for power and control? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a healthy society with healthy organic food, without contaminated and poisoned air, land and water, without industrial corruption and genetic manipulation of food, without nuclear plants, nuclear tests, electric smog, pollution and disasters. 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a wise society, where technology is not misused for control, weapons, military and slavery, and not misused for banks or sport-business-competition-ego arenas? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a society, where technology like computers and internet is not misused for spying, bullying, mobbing, stalking, threats, insult and lies, and is not used for defamation, harassment, coercion, calumny and character assassination of others, out of hate, ego, arrogance, control obsession and jealous? 
Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a social society without government and military, without fanatic believe systems, without corrupt industry and manipulation-media, who all want to create a society of robots, who have to obey a power-greedy people? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a society without secret societies and religious cults, who are creating wars since thousands of years? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a social, spiritual society, where medicine is natural and free for everybody and is not misused for business in the pharma industry, that want to keep people sick in order to sell their chemical drugs? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a society, where animals are not slaughtered for business and unhealthy meat consumption and are not put in animal prisons for the amusement of tourists? 
When we look at all these facts on earth, can we speak of a free, peaceful and intelligent planetary society? 
When we see all these negative energies on Earth, can we expect that earth humans will create a positive future on earth? 
Or will they create again wars and suffreing like in the past?  
Did Earth humans learn anything from past wars and suffering? 
Are they working  on creating global peace or are they financing wars? 
Can humans create a philanthropic, humane society on earth and prevent wars? 
The word philanthropic derives from the Greek language and means “Human Friendly”. 
Can we heal a society that has fallen from the healthy track of Cosmic Love, intelligence, compassion, healthiness and peace, a society who assesses a person solely on his job and the place where he lives? 
Those who are not influenced by hate or ego, know that it is possible, if EVERYBODY on Earth would use a consciousness of Universal LOVE, to everyone and everything. 
Without a consciousness of Love. There is always wars, suffering and degeneration. 

Everybody has the power, the responsibility and own unique possibilities, to create positive things life in with Cosmic Love.

To keep the consciousness and body healthy in order to create a social, civilized society of Love, respect, peace and development. 

This is possible by using Cosmic Energy in the heart and healing old negative mind-programs, old superstitions, negative behavior patterns and negative believe systems, and activate higher spiritual knowledge.
Love vibration opens the way to the higher knowledge, light and love are the key for higher dimensions not intellectual data in your head about draconian, annunaki or grey aliens. Concentrate on the positive energy not negative energy.
Living spirituality in your daily life not only reading about it. Knowledge without love is empty and limited. Spiritual light has an awareness it has information from higher demensions. So it is always important to use light in your meditations.

 You can charge yourself with cosmic energy. Trees store powerful cosmic energies. Trees are antennas for cosmic energies and the older they are, the more energy they have stored inside. Or,  Meditate  with close eyes, and when the sun is lower and red, you look directly inside sun, and absorb the cosmic energy through your eyes. 

And here is a little meditation that you can always use, Create by the power of your thoughts make a light column which is connected and going through your whole body to the universe, when you breath in attract the energy of the universe down into your soul and body and charge your soul by these words :

  • ” Love of the Universe”
  • “Knowledge of the Universe”
  • ” Wisdom of the Universe”

Charge yourself with these energies and feel the power of the light. 
Be one with the universe, become a light, become love.

Love is the solution for everything. 
The meaning of Life is to have Love in your heart. 

May you be blessed by the love of the Cosmic Source.

Thank You very much for reading.

Megan Sebastian.