Study The Environment.

The interdependence and struggles in the ecosystem learning how one particulate defends against a predator. I sometimes gets distracted if defense is manipulated by ego. Fighting for territory, control or simply avoiding harm to oneself in the circle of life. The black mamba is the world’s deadliest snake for instance. He has the ability to elicit fear in a herd of wild buffalos. I understood this experientially after realizing some lessons of the archetypal snake. Stillness is our primal nature, where motion, love is initiated. Standing erect the snake stands its ground because it feels the motion of a water buffalo, lion, tiger or what not. Awareness when elongated along the entire spine feels the heartbeat of the entire jungle and knows intuitionally the variety of totemic manifestations along the spine. He is capable of transforming into any shape, a straight line , and the admirable feat of a black mamba is it avoids confrontation. The one that displays his skill, or is intent upon harm, driven by self assertion has yet  many rivers to cross.

It’s the fundamental confusion. I, other. Without duality, we couldn’t go to war. We couldn’t act selfishly. We couldn’t harm our environment. It’s not the environment, out there, and us, here.

It’s our environment. We are it and it is us.

Humans must not just call this “the environment“. That’s a total misinterpreted, because it says there is a biological organic matter and then there’s an environment. The biological organism and the environment are two reflections of the same thing, which is consciousness. Those trees aren’t trees, they are your lungs. If they don’t breathe, you won’t breathe and if you don’t breathe, they won’t breathe. Everything is connected in the cosmos. The rivers and waters aren’t just rivers and H2o, that’s your circulation. If they are polluted, so are you. And if you are polluted, so are they. The air is not just the atmosphere, it’s your breath. The earth is not just the ground over there, it’s your physical body. Because you and the earth recycle all the time. So unless you have an emotional and spiritual relationship with your extended body, which you call the environment, the totally wrong word, there’s not going to be any healing. And for that shift in perception, you have to have a shift in consciousness. Buddhists refer this as duality


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