Education System on Earth! 

Society judges a human by degrees and grades rather than knowledge.

Most students are enticed to cheat in exams because of the orthodox school system which appreciates grades more than knowledge.

Typically teachers tend to appreciate students who score better grades and lecture other students to imitate them.
Teachers should motivate & help the ones lagging behind, not criticize them instead of killing students morale by telling them how useless & stupid they are & that they won’t be able to achieve anything in life if they can’t score higher grades. 

They even tend to compare other students with that one particularly “bright” student & expect all of them to mimic him.

Each and every one of us has unique dreams, abilities & passion. Nobody should compare you with anyone else because you’re you & you simply can’t be someone else! Infact you shouldn’t even try to be someone since everyone is special in his own way.

Instead of giving them confidence and positive thoughts, they tend to break them even more.

Current School system is unfortunately degined to reward one’s ability to memorise rather than actual knowledge and talent. Everyone has special talents based on one’s ability and interest.

We all are intelligent in something and stupid in something. Nobody is just plain stupid on earth. If one doesn’t know something, it doesn’t make them stupid, but ignorant, we all are ignorant In something, nobody knows everything

Example : If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, the fish will live its entire life thinking it is stupid.

Just imagine if Justin Bieber’s parents had told him that he can’t sing or Ronaldo was forbidden from playing football.

If you’re doing something which you never cared about or have zero interest in, more than often you won’t find any success in it and even if you do then it will be temporary or superficial.

Humans here only talk about getting good grades to get a good job.

 We don’t gain any knowledge here, humans are simply making more chaos by carrying competitional thinking towards each other, which literally makes us hate each other. Out of jealousy, people create negative thoughts which create illusions. Grades don’t necessarily signify intelligence or knowledge, same goes for an IQ test, when you’re in a good mood, you tend to score higher than if you were depressed or sad.

Every human was born innocent and positive on Earth but by being hurt and betrayed repeatedly, which made them the way they are today. 

Humans learn by experiences and by mistakes, through communication and observation, doesn’t that make you a certified psychologist? 

Humans learn by experiences and by mistakes, through communication and observation, doesn’t that make you a certified psychologist? We all learn something new by observing behavior patterns of people around us, it literally makes us psychologists, even if you don’t hold a degree.

Most people are other people.

There thoughts are someone else’s opinion.

Their life is a mimicry.

Their passion is a quotation. 





5 thoughts on “Education System on Earth! 

  1. We say that we love creativity.
    We say that we believe in empowering our kids.
    We say that we wanna see our kids happy.
    But the truth is- we are ruthlessly hypocritical.

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