Drugs and Cigarettes!

The secret world government have created these cigarette drugs in order to keep the people in a low consciousness and vibration, in order to control the people easier.
Every smoker has negative astral beings, parasites and holes in his dirty aura. They feed on the life energy of the smoker, forcing him to smoke further. You can see it with an active third eye.
Cigarettes, drugs open the door to the lower astral realm where demons can take over you.
These people suffer and be tormented by the demons… And for a very very long time before they finally begin to be interested in love. Only then they see the light and can again incarnate in another body, to learn self-love. You can only go to higher dimensions, if you have a spiritual clean, high energy. Only then you can stay in the high energy levels.
When the body is being deliberately destroyed by drugs, the divine energy can’t flow properly in you and the body becomes sick. Self destruction is a sign of lack of love and spirituality. Most believe that they love, but this is just a rational thinking in their ego-mind. There is no REAL love from the heart. It is an entirely different frequency.
A broken radio, can not receive clear music, but only distorted, or none at all. The body is the earthly vessel for the soul. If the body does not function properly, you have no good contact with the soul. One then does not receive ideas of the soul but only lies, illusions and negative words of the dark creatures.
Just remember:

You need first of all a strong will and SELF – LOVE

Who loves himself, does not hurt himself.

Only who loves himself can love others REALLY.

You can only give what you have.

Everything that stinks, is shunned by beings of light.

Only the dark side like everything that is dirty and stinks.

Only the dark side, like to be in a lower vibration, which is not love.
The light side you can find where it’s beautiful, beautiful aromas, beautiful colors, beautiful, harmonious music, love, high vibration.
Learn how to REALLY love you. Not just with your rational mind, but with your whole being.
No spiritual being is taking drugs. No spiritual being is smoking. That would be against love, against spirituality, against the existence (god). Only demons like poison, low vibration & low energy.

You have to detoxify yourself. There are herbs that can detoxify. Go to the pharmacy and get yourself natural anti-poisoning capsules.

TOXEX is for general detoxification. Nux vomica D6, Prunus Padus forte Vitaplex N, Nux vomica Similiaplex. You shouldn’t take all of these at once but rather one at a time and if one doesn’t help, try Chelidonium-Strath comp, They help your body to clean itself from bacteria, environmental poisons, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, medication and caffeeine.

Sleep paralysis, is happening when you are loosing suddenly a lot of life-energy. This can be done from negative low astral entities or the Greys (aliens). And they can do it only when your aura, your protection shield is weak. cigarette-drugs, alcohol, negative thoughts or feelings, low energy food like meat, or negative evil people close to you, all these things are weakening the aura and the aura get holes or astral parasites. And through these holes they can penetrate your energy field and steal your energy. You have to strengthen your auric field with a powerful cosmic light and Love. Use my meditation to help yourself.

Take a big leap in your life and decide to go to the light. Throw away any drugs TODAY. Fight against the influence of the dark side.
Are you ready for a higher level of development in your life? Are you ready for a higher consciousness? It is YOUR decision!


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