Stimulated Universe.


During 1965 gordon E moore created a formula that proposed computer power will double every 24 months.

In 1960 an average vomputer contained 2, 300 transistor, and in just 50 years jumped to about 5. 6 billion transistors.

Which us exactly what Moore’s Law predicted. 100 years from now, the power in computers will be 10^15th or 1.126 Quadrillion times more powerful than out current models today.


There are 3 stages of artificial intelligence : Weak AL, Storng AL, and artificial counsciousness.

The IBM Watson is a strong AL, which is a program that remembers thousands of information and thinks just like a human.

For an entity to be counscious, it must be able to experience things, such as emotions, taste, smell, love, the General qualities of a human being.

According to Moore’s Law, as computers become more capable over years they will be able to create an artificial intelligence that truly believes it consciously exists.


The most powerful supercomputers in the world are able to run a technique called the Lattice Quatum Chromodynamics.

The term Lattice Quatum Chromodynamics is a formula that stimulates the barebones of an atom, which is the gluing, quarks, and proton.

We can only stimulate a very small portion of the universe, measured to about the scale of 100-trillionth or a meter.

Therefore, a million years of technological advancement could easily simulated a whole universe.


Cosmic Rays that fly through the universe loses a consistent amount of energy.

These rays act like a chess peice on a chessboard which scientists believe is the underlying lattice of a stimulator.

Their conclusion is that these cosmic rays in our universe act exactly as if they were trapped inside a massive virtual simulation.


It’s impossible that a computer can hold an unlimited amounts of data, meaning there has to be a boundary if our universe is a stimulator.

It turns out there is such a boundary, which is known as the Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin or GZK cut off.

The scientists at Bonn university measured the effects of the cosmic rays when they collide into this GZK boundary and found they completely vanish.

The founder of this Cosmic Ray research, Silas Beane, said. “The answer, statistically speaking, is that we’re more likely to be living in a simulation.”


History of Atlantis and the civilians before Atlantis.

Bimini island in the Bermuda Triangle, was a part of Atlantis, and close to it was the most powerful energy center of Atlantis.
It was the vortex of Atlantis.

Bimini was at the west part of Atlantis close to The vortex of Atlantis.

The Vortex is 35 miles or 56 km east of Bimini.
There use to be a crystal temple and pyramids, in which cosmic energy was used to travel in time or to communicate with higher dimensions.

When Atlantis was destroyed through The abuse of his power, this temple destroyed and the energy generated anomalies and dimensional gates, in the area what is now called the Bermuda Triangle.

On Bimini, there were healing temples in the time when Atlantis was still spiritual.
The Earth Civilization today has a smiliar behavior, 10 million years ago, there were almost 8 technically advanced civilizations, who have destroyed themselves at the end, because they abused cosmic energy and love and were too much into technology and had greed for power, there were civilizations of humanoids and non-humanoids of astronauts, who came here from other parts of the Universe. Their weapon were much more destructive then what humans from Earth have today, they abused cosmic energy and followed the path of their own doom. 

(Suggesting readers to read Mahabharata.)
This is not science fiction, this is the sad truth of Earth’s history.

Their wars, produced a strong radio activity, which have mutated creatures. (Even the incident in Nagasaki’s radiation is still effecting the civilians.) That is how the dinosaurs came, who were later killed by other astronauts to rebuild a new civilization. That is why, you can still find radio activity in their bones even in the museum.
These civilization abused the universal laws, and create hate and wars with weapons instead of oneness and love, there wars destroyed the planet, the planet which used to be between Mars and Jupiter. Today’s asteroid belt there, is what is left from that dead planet which they have killed. 

A Planet is a living being. Needs to be cared, love and nourished.

Approximately 1 million years ago, space travelers came and colonized the Earth. They built the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.
The Earth back then looked different than it is today.
Lemuria was a continent in the Pacific Ocean.

Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic Ocean.
Atlantis was more advanced than today’s Earth-Humans, and they were using giant crystals with strong cosmic energy. Because they used cosmic energy and didn’t polluted the Earth’s surface. Their life spans could reach up to 1000 years, they were able to communicate with higher dimensions and had the ability of time travel.

The continent of Atlantis had many islands around it and they had many Atlantean colonies in other parts of the Earth. 
Many different Extra-Terrestrial races lived there for thousands of years, spiritually and in harmony with the existence.
The I knowledge of the cosmos was thus growing, and they learned to use cosmic energy in technology.

About 700,000 years ago, began the downfall of their society, because many developed ego and arrogance, believing that they are Gods.
Most lost their spirituality and abused cosmic energy to manipulate the thoughts of others, or to make genetic manipulations with humans and animals.
This resulted in the stories about the ancient mermaids, minotaurs, Cyclops or sea monsters.

They were obsessed by power and technology, and they started wars against the Lemurians because they saw the planet as their own property.

They abused their power weapons and crystals very strongly, and about 12,000 years ago, they destroyed the entire continent of Atlantis in Wars.

The energy pulverized almost everything, so today there is not much left of Atlantis.
Some spiritual Atlanteans were able to flee before the disaster with their space ships.
This disaster caused a pole shift and the “Great Flood” as you call it today.

Years later, Atlanteans and other extraterrestrials came back in other parts of the Earth, where they pass their knowledge to others.

This is the reason, why after the disaster other cultures such as Egypt or Greece, had suddenly knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, medicine or architecture.
They used their technology of levitation, to build pyramids on many places of this planet.
This abuse of power, energy and the weapons happened at the end of Atlanteans civilizations, is happening today again, on a smaller scale.


Even today there are people in power who want to control everything, with weapons, wars, religions, drugs, genetic and mental manipulation and greedy exploitation of Earth’s resources.
The rulers on earth spend trillions of dollars on weapons and drugs, rather than helping the entire planet to become a place of harmony where nobody has to starve.
This all happens because most earth humans have stil not learned to love in harmony with light and love.
Most Earth-people, laugh at light and love and worship ego, arrogance, greed, and hatred.
Such a course, leads to self destruction. 

This has happened many times in other civilizations. 
Only when Earth-Humans learn to live with spiritual light and universal love, you can live a happy, light-filled life without suffering, as it is the case in other planets.
For this reason, we all need to keep practicing our entire life on light work, so the main energy on Earth in the future is LOVE, and not hate, destruction and suffering.


Healing Hole

Anatural  healing spring, which lies in the mangrove forests. The water there contains a strong energy and a large amount of lithium, magnesium and sulfur. People who have visited this spring have experience a mental and spiritual rejuvenation.

The entire chain of the Bahama Islands, has natural healing fountains, because the energy of the Atlantean crystal temples is still working.


“Fountain Of Youth”

Another place where once stood a crystal healing temple. In Atlantean times, they used this site to keep themselves young by charging themselves with comic energy and harmonizing the Ying & Yang energies. What keeps you young is not the water, but the cosmic energy in the water. This is the secrets why humans on other planet can be 100’s of 1000’s of years old and still look young. They use cosmic energy, the energy of the cosmic central consciousness of the existence. Many of the Atlantean temples still exist on the etheric level. The fountain that is built there today, is unfortunately very dirty, so you should not drink the water from it. You can take some water in your hand and touched the forehead of all participants, to activate the third eye, then you can send the healing energies to planet Earth. 


No one attains the Light, the Knowledge and the Love Vibration without efforts, without comprehension. As long as you remain too immersed in your ego, you will not attain it.

Little by little, each of you will free yourself from a part of the ego, from the part that corresponds with the third dimension and that is necessary for making beings advance in this dimension.

Continue to be brave, with courage, along your path of Light, be united, love yourself! Do not forget the key that opens all doors is Love! There is no other key!

May Love and Universal Peace be within you! You and we of the planes of Light, let us be united in this work that is asked of you, that is asked of us!”


Megan Sebastian.

The Universe is full of life.


In the Universe that we are now, 

Many developed humanoid civilizations on other planet and other different species in this universe, have been travelling since billions of years, as Astronauts, with spaceships or as a light-being, and are visiting and exploring the Existence of the Source, some of them visited Earth, some were benevolent and some were negative, some created war and some taught how to love and forgive. Because of those extraterrestrials, Earth humans have so many religions with so many different Gods, languages, cultural patterns and different types of humans, such as Asians, Blacks, Whites, Indian, Mexican etc.. 

It is because of those space travelers, why planet earth is inhabited by different forms of life, such as, humans, fishes, birds, plants and animals.

The benevolent races would have contacted the Earth beings, if earth humans would let go of any form of negativity and hate and become friendly. They had warned Humans through interrupting a tv broadcast, in 1977. If anyone want to listen, you can email me, and I would send you the audio clip of the message.


Many people on earth think that out of the infinity number of planets in the universe and dimensions, only on this small planet have life. 


They believe this out of 5 reasons:

  • Reason Number 1.  They have no knowledge that life is on many dimensions. And not only on the physical low vibration. On higher dimension. You can find higher developed civilizations who are living  in a higher frequency. And therefore. Are not visible to people in the physical dimension. But they can make themselves visible if they want. 
  • Reason Number 2: They have no personal experience with the beings from other planet and dimensions, and therefore they don’t know. 
  • Reason Number 3: They are influenced from TV, Movies, Governments and dogmatic believe systems to believe that there is nothing in space and that they have to obey the punishment of an invented God who was invented by rulers, to keep the ignorant masses in fear and have power over them.
  • Reason Number 4: People with ego and jealousy,  Don’t want to see the fact that there are more advanced beings in the universe, because they feel inferior. 
  • Reason Number 5 : There is too much false information and videos in the internet, and it is difficult for an average or inexperienced earth human to distinguish the genuine and true information from the misinformation. Even on some pages who present themselves spiritual one can see a lot of ego, arrogance and competition. 

There are still people who doesn’t believe there is life outside this planet, because the NASA said they didn’t find any life.

Even in Earth you can see there are billions of insects, billions of birds, billions of different types of animals, even still we are discovering new species of fished or creature every day in the Ocean. So, probably there is life outside Earth, as it is suitable for the beings who’re living on a hot planet or cold,  there are stars so cold that a human hand can touch them, even some moons have beings living on the surface like Earth.


So it’s necessary to have personal experiences with the light and the galactic family.  In order to have personal experiences, One has to investigate the information with a loving, spiritual heart, with no ego, arrogance or hate. 

This will create the right frequency, to develop the consciousness and attract higher developed beings and eventually the knowledge and understanding and the ability to distinguish from false information. 

So we see that there are many phychological and energetic  blockages  on earth, that are blocking most humans to have experiences with the light and have knowledge and understanding of the Existence. 

Man made believe system, dogmas, hate, ego, arrogance, superstition, cults, fear and control,  are blocking humans to get in touch with there conscious, touch with the energy of light, and are blocking the mind to have love, compassion and respect for everything and everybody, no matter how small a living being seems, all lives matter, think before you kill a bug or an insect, if you don’t care about the little being then think about your own karma. You create negative energy by killing and hurting a living being, it doesn’t matter how small they are, the wheel of karma will get you until you learn and understand, that we all are one and equal in the cosmos.

If everybody had a consciousness of Love, the society on earth would slowly become a healthy society of freedom, respect, sympathy, abundance and spirituality, and humans would live in a humans friendly environment.
To be spiritual means to be loving, 
compassionate, honest, helpful to everything in life and to be free from man made religions, doctrines, believe system, cults, superstition, ego, hate and wars. 

To be spiritual means to be in tune with the energy of the Cosmic Awareness,  the energy that earth humans are calling “God”. 
The Cosmic Awareness can be felt in an environment of deep unconditional Love. 
The Cosmic Awareness is pure energy of Love that creates the highest feeling of bliss in the heart and if you don’t believe it, try to feel it, because this is why you’re here, to live and love not to get some degree and a job. Your true mission to visit Earth is to learn love and to be positive even in different negative situations.

By getting in touch with deep universal Love in the heart, One understands that the Cosmic Awareness, is the Cosmic Energyy from which everything in the Cosmos exists and it’s free of any human made dogmatic belief system. 
The energy that Earth humans call God, is an universal Cosmic Energy of Awareness, it is not an old man with a beard and negative characteristics like revenge, reward or punishments. 

We are all children or particles of the Cosmic Awareness. 

Many spiritual teachers like Jesus or Budha were telling this too, but unfortunately people misunderstood them and stared to worship them and distorted their words. 

The Cosmic Awareness “GOD”,  that created all universe and dimensions. Does not support religions and it is not blessing wars, military, or cult leaders who call themselves “Holy”, and it is not blessing political ego-campaigns or sport ego competition events like BasketBall,  FootBall or any other compitional events. 

Those who have experienced the bliss of the Light and universal Cosmic Love in the heart, are not able to feel ego, arrogance or hate. 
Those enlightened people don’t ask anyone to believe anything. 

They simply share truth and knowledge and leave it to the people to realize it for themselves, in personal experiences. 

The energy called GOD is the unlimited energy that can be found in the heart, in the compassion and Love for everything. 
The Universal Cosmic Energy of the Cosmic Awareness GOD is present in every particle and every atom in your DNA, you just have to listen to the inner voice to understand and learn. Negative energy, negative feelings destroys the DNA, love literally heals the DNA molecules. Even a thought of Love can effect you positively.
Every Plant, every living being, even air is filled with the energy of the Cosmic Awareness. 
It depends on each individual, how we interact with this divine energy. 
The best way to use this divine energy,  is by using universal Love in the heart. 

This can transform the personal and global life. It can create an Awarrness of Cosmic Love globally and therefore it can create an intelligent, peaceful society. 

This is what spiritual teachers like Jesus, Budha, Apolo and thousands of others were here for, to share this knowledge, but unfortunately humans misunderstood them and made a religion out of there name and started to fight with each other for ‘who got the better God’ instead of understanding there words.

Cosmic Love is the essence of Universal, friendliness, respect, honesty and compassion, and can not be activated with an arrogant or fanatics “know it all” behavior of the rational ego mind. 

Comic Love is not be misunderstood with the limited brain-Love of relationships on Earth, where ego and possession can be found in most cases.

From my personal experience, I know that Cosmic Love is a much more powerful energy that can be felt and activated only in the heart, and once this Love energy is in the heart, a person is changed forever. 

The higher energy of Cosmic Love is activating a higher consciousness and a personality without ego, jealousy, arrogance or hate. 
All your actions and thought are based on universal Love and it can be felt when you talk.

Even science on Earth knows, that emotional and psychological blocked are causing unpleasant situations, but when we heal them, we can created a society  of real Universal Love, Joy, Abundance, understanding and Justice. 


No one is better anyone, everyone is equal.
Universe is full with positive & negative beings and the universe is one, made up of sub-atomic particles. So we all are connected to everything,  wether you are on earth or on different planet or solar system,  so if we hate someone then we are hatting a part of ourself because we all are one and we all are connected in the cosmos. 
Negative and positive energies are part of the material realms of existence. It is the individual who must master its co-existence and interface amongst both parameters so that a balance-equalized harmony is produced through a balanced Psyche and conscious awareness.

That is why it is so important to master meditation in not only the waking realms, but also in the dreaming realms where physical laws no longer applies, only when the dream conscious “allows” such events to occur.

From the distance, planet earth looks like a beautiful blue pearl in the vast, limitless and inhabited space. 
But what would you see when you look closer, and fly over the surface of the Earth? 
Do we see a healthy environment of love, peace, wellness and abundance for humans and nature? 
Or do we see a society of ego, hate, competition,  violence, military and pollution that is slowly destroying itself? 

A small number of people on this planet, know how it feels like to be in harmony with other people, animals and nature, by using the energy of the heart! 
Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone on planet Earth would have cosmic love in the heart and experience bliss and abundance? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a society with no competition thinking, no TV manipulation, no wastefulness of natural resources, no smoking, no diseases, no extreme consumption? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if we would live in a peaceful,  United and loving society, without borders of aggression, without hate, ego, weapons,  military and pride, without stress, drugs, depression, sadness, diseases, poverty, no fears? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a society without uncivilized, senseless, blunt behavior, without  jealously, lies, bullying, slandering, or physical abuse,  without slave trade, without rape cases, without insanity, without dogmatic believe systems, cults and political greed for power and control? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a healthy society with healthy organic food, without contaminated and poisoned air, land and water, without industrial corruption and genetic manipulation of food, without nuclear plants, nuclear tests, electric smog, pollution and disasters. 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a wise society, where technology is not misused for control, weapons, military and slavery, and not misused for banks or sport-business-competition-ego arenas? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a society, where technology like computers and internet is not misused for spying, bullying, mobbing, stalking, threats, insult and lies, and is not used for defamation, harassment, coercion, calumny and character assassination of others, out of hate, ego, arrogance, control obsession and jealous? 
Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a social society without government and military, without fanatic believe systems, without corrupt industry and manipulation-media, who all want to create a society of robots, who have to obey a power-greedy people? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a society without secret societies and religious cults, who are creating wars since thousands of years? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a social, spiritual society, where medicine is natural and free for everybody and is not misused for business in the pharma industry, that want to keep people sick in order to sell their chemical drugs? 
Wouldn’t it be nice if humans would live in a society, where animals are not slaughtered for business and unhealthy meat consumption and are not put in animal prisons for the amusement of tourists? 
When we look at all these facts on earth, can we speak of a free, peaceful and intelligent planetary society? 
When we see all these negative energies on Earth, can we expect that earth humans will create a positive future on earth? 
Or will they create again wars and suffreing like in the past?  
Did Earth humans learn anything from past wars and suffering? 
Are they working  on creating global peace or are they financing wars? 
Can humans create a philanthropic, humane society on earth and prevent wars? 
The word philanthropic derives from the Greek language and means “Human Friendly”. 
Can we heal a society that has fallen from the healthy track of Cosmic Love, intelligence, compassion, healthiness and peace, a society who assesses a person solely on his job and the place where he lives? 
Those who are not influenced by hate or ego, know that it is possible, if EVERYBODY on Earth would use a consciousness of Universal LOVE, to everyone and everything. 
Without a consciousness of Love. There is always wars, suffering and degeneration. 

Everybody has the power, the responsibility and own unique possibilities, to create positive things life in with Cosmic Love.

To keep the consciousness and body healthy in order to create a social, civilized society of Love, respect, peace and development. 

This is possible by using Cosmic Energy in the heart and healing old negative mind-programs, old superstitions, negative behavior patterns and negative believe systems, and activate higher spiritual knowledge.
Love vibration opens the way to the higher knowledge, light and love are the key for higher dimensions not intellectual data in your head about draconian, annunaki or grey aliens. Concentrate on the positive energy not negative energy.
Living spirituality in your daily life not only reading about it. Knowledge without love is empty and limited. Spiritual light has an awareness it has information from higher demensions. So it is always important to use light in your meditations.

 You can charge yourself with cosmic energy. Trees store powerful cosmic energies. Trees are antennas for cosmic energies and the older they are, the more energy they have stored inside. Or,  Meditate  with close eyes, and when the sun is lower and red, you look directly inside sun, and absorb the cosmic energy through your eyes. 

And here is a little meditation that you can always use, Create by the power of your thoughts make a light column which is connected and going through your whole body to the universe, when you breath in attract the energy of the universe down into your soul and body and charge your soul by these words :

  • ” Love of the Universe”
  • “Knowledge of the Universe”
  • ” Wisdom of the Universe”

Charge yourself with these energies and feel the power of the light. 
Be one with the universe, become a light, become love.

Love is the solution for everything. 
The meaning of Life is to have Love in your heart. 

May you be blessed by the love of the Cosmic Source.

Thank You very much for reading.

Megan Sebastian.

The Pineal Gland.

​Main Access-Point Between Astral Body And Physical Body. 

The penial glad is the center of the brain, the physiological center that is the access point between your astral body it’s out there floating around the physical body.

Let’s say you tried to solve this scientific problem and you’re trying to discover calculus, you’re trying to discover decimal fraction, you’re trying to work on color photography and you’re working on your problem, I believe that you have this astral body that’s actually going around and looking for people who are working on the same problem in the source, and when you see somebody else’s working on it, you’re spying on them and you’re probably just giving off photons in the room where that person was but it also appears that you have direct access to the actual information of there thoughts that you can actually pick up from the universal database or atleast the worldwide data bank the same information they already have.

So the pineal gland according to many many different ancient traditions appears to be the main access point between that astral body and the physical body is the physiological center that determines how psychic information gets in, as you can see here it’s in the middle of  the brain and it is shaped like a pine cone.

It’s a small gland it’s as a shape of a pea it has kind of the reddish purplish colour inside the brain and there is some interesting things about it because when you look at the this ancient traditions we find that many many different traditions giving pine conned type examples in there literature.

  • The “Primitive Mountain” 

Is it said to be the location on Earth where the gods contacted humans, idea of the pineal gland.

  • Babylonian God Tammuz.

Holding a pinecone in his hand as if it is a very important tool he is using in his work which may well be psychic.

  • Egyptian Ben Ben Stone.

Stones were often used to depict the pineal gland, you can clearly see in this image that stone is shaped like a pineal gland, there are two serpents coming from one sides, those serpents are called REIS. they represent the kundalini energy which is believed it is comming from the root chakra through the 33 vertebrae.

 33 segments is more accurate into the brain, number 33 degrees of free masonry actually correspond to the 33 vertebrae in the spine that the goal of masonry is to get the add up and awaken the pineal gland as we’re going to see its not just masonry doing this major world religion with all different varieties so many of them giving us the same metaphor in the Egyptian metaphor is also interesting because you’ll notice that either side of that Ben Ben Stone have two birds those birds are called benu, when the Benu was trying to translated to Greek the word got changed to Phoenix so the Phoenix is obviously the bird that dies and reborn that’s consumed in flames it collapses to ash and then it is reborn out of the so it appears that this is the pineal gland and there is a message here about this sort of astral body it’s going out there flying around its deing and reborn and you go out about in your outer body experience flying around in other forms but then dies when he come back to physical body only to be reborn when you have another out of body experience.

  • Staff of Osiris :Lord of the underworld.

Pine cone on the top with the 2 REIS serpants intertwining up towards it, according to many scholars it represents the DNA molecule, it’s spiral together and looks like a double helix.

  • King Tut: Serpent on forehead.

One of the God’s on Earth, you can see the Reis Serpants coming out of his forehead where the pineal gland is located.

  • The Hindu god Shiva.

Interesting hair, looks like pineal gland, it’s very obvious, has ries serpants wrapped around his neck, and a Bindi as to third eye symbol in between the eyebrows.
Babylonian tradition, Egyptian tradition and now into Hinduism which is geographically isolated culture with exactly the same symbols.

It can be connected to the Adam and Eve story, that a serpant made them do things which God didn’t find appealing, scared Adam so much that his offsprings created a funny bone in there neck, Adams Apple.

It can be that the serpent called his friends and were being worshiped as God’s on Earth in countries to countries, same serpant….

Now, Mesoamerica clear all the other side of the world here it is again.

  • This is Quetzalcoatl.

Mayan God who is the Lord of the underworld and what we’re seeing is very complex image in this sculpture, emerging his face from a mouth of  serpent. A serpent according to various scholars like John, represents the galaxy as specifically he believes that alot of Mayan art that says in the end of this mayan calender cycle that the ecliptic plane on the Earth the tilt of the Earth will line up with the center of the galaxy, it’s actually perfect around 1998 but it is pretty close to 2012, so that’s one of the things we have, look at this image, the coils of the serpent appears to look like pineal gland, very very similar and what’s even more interesting is, I don’t know if you can see it too well, is that he has this necklace around the serpents tongue as if he is wearing a necklace and many of the parts on the necklace appear to be pine cones with energy waves streaming into them, so he is literally wearing this big necklace full of little pineal glands, with energy waves shooting into them and the whole entire structure looks like a pineal gland, it was a white skin God in an area where no-one had white skin that’s a very interesting fact here is another image of Mesoamerica of a sculpture in which pine cone very primarily illustrate another very interesting flagging of the pineal gland there are others.

  • The Greek ‘Omphalos‘.

Another illustration of a pineal gland, God’s first landed on Omphalos to contact first of the humanity, it was used by the Oracle to be in contact with God’s. The stones was made to let humans contact them directly also, a symbol of the pineal gland which would do the same thing.

  • Dionysus : God of Death and Rebirth.

Dionysus, the Greek god of death and rebirth, also have a pine cone on the end of his staff.

  • Bacchus: God of Revelry.

Bacchus, name from Roman tradition, and he kinda get shifted around into a little bit out of God of drunkenness and revelry. Once again, there is a pine cone at the end of his staff.

Now, let’s see the other area, we hit off Babylon, Hinduism, Egypt, Mesoamerica, now let’s go to Asia.

  • Buddhism.

Buddha’s hair is styled as a penial gland.

  • Ireland : Irish Turoe Stone.

Another geographically isolated region and they have this Turoe stone, which again it looks like everything else, the pineal gland and it looks like flickering fire like planes on its surface.

There are stone, which are stylized with penial gland and images of the Omphalos, just gonna show you couple.

  • Roman Baetyl and Eagle.

Roman traditions have many many pictures, of the same stone, except in roman tradition it gets renamed, Omphalos to Baetyl. The A E, is kinda pronounced V, so it’s more like Veil.
Now interestingly enough this appears to be the derivative of Bethlehem, birth place of Jesus, birth place of Jesus the Christ counsciousness, it’s a metaphor, through the Baetyl in the mind, through the pineal gland, thats how the Christ counsciousness has awakened. And here in the Roman coin we have the Eagle, symbolizing the Phoenix.
The BENU BIRD, if you go back to Egyptian, BENU BIRD is here as an Eagle, not the Phoenixand he is on top of the Baetyl stone.

Roman pyramid-like Baetyl. It’s hysterically documented. I’m not making this up. They stylized the Baetyl stone, as if it were a pyramid, Baetyl became a pyramid and if you look there in the bottom, one of those pyramids has a capstone there is a clear line of demarcation and on the top is a capstone, now the other side of any of these coins, would be the winged God, and in another example, we have any Roman coin.

Roman Baetyl and Eagle.
Roman coin with the Baetyl on the right side and the Eagle on the other, this all stars to sound curiously familiar, the great seal of the United States has the eagle on one side, then it has a pyramid on the other, just like we see in roman coins, the eagle is another symbol of the God’s, which in some cases actually drew the God’s, the Baetyl, third eye the pineal gland got stylized to become a stone and then it became a pyramid with the capstone on, but this is a Roman coin that’s now reiterated on American currency.

So, what’s going on here? That the third eye on the top of the pyramid it could very well be the third eye in the brain. It might be the open pineal gland, so is there a hidden message in this symbol?

There is a Roman tradition, I’m showing you this Greek coins, Roman coins it’s very clear that there is this pineal gland tradition that stayed through for long periods of time.
The “Court of the Pinecone”
Vatican, largest sculptures in the Vatican, is a big gigantic pine cone.
Look at those birds on the either side of pine cones, those are the BENU BIRD, The Egyptian Phoenix bird symbolizing the transmutation of the soul possible when you awaken your pineal gland. 

The Sub-Counscious Mind.

Video games are made up of bits of binary codes, and humans and the whole universe is made up of atoms, what if a far superior being made a video game and we are the game or program, so would that means we are living in a trance.

A Human body, if you look at a modern robot, you’ll see many similarities, like instead of wires, the body has nerves, and brain literally make enough electricity that can light a bulb. 

Let’s talk about how powerful a humans mind is, the brain capacity is up to 3 petabytes, even your eyes, light passes through the lens of yout eye and is ‘Recorded’ on the back of your eye (The Retina)

The actual image your eye saw was upside down image. Well, your eye sends the picture to your brain, and your brain turns the picture the right way up and tells you what you are looking at. So you see things the right way up. Same thing happens with camera, the light rays from an object pass through the lens of the camera and get recorded on a film or a computer chip.

Now if you zoom into your brain, you’ll see 1000 trillion neurons and synapses. Connected to each other like wires.

Information from one neuron flows to another neuron across a synapse. The synapse contains a small gap which separates neurons. πŸ‘Œ I’m not touching you game of all time. Neurons, they gossip all the time, neurotransmitter molecules pass between neurons to synapsss and that’s how you do everything.

You are your synapses. 

Let’s compare to your mind, your mind can perform an estimated 10 quadrillion operations per second without you even knowing it, ask yourself right now what’s making your blood flow throughout your viens ask yourself right now, what’s making the perfect amount of pressure in your blood flow throughout your viens that is keeping you alive, what’s making your heart beat right now, are you consciously commading your heart to beat right now, no. What’s maintaining your body core temperature to the perfect degree to keep you alive, what’s doing the six trillion things to your 60 trillion cells every single second it’s something called your subconscious mind.

This is the powerhouse to who you are, your cat has it, even your puppy has it but of all the things that your subconscious mind can do, it can’t do 1 thing and this thing can help you attract good things in your life, or it can demolish your health, what is that one thing it can’t do, it can’t distinguish between a real event and something you merely think about sounds absolutely ridiculous right? 

What happens when you have a nightmare you wake up your heart is pounding you’re sweating and you’re anxious beyond words the nightmare existed in your mind you weren’t in any real danger at all but your mind didn’t know that you physiologically reacted as if the nightmare was actually taking place in reality. 

There was a study conducted where a doctor hooked up elite athlete a professional skier to a device that measured the athletes muscle fibers he told the skier to merely think about skiing downhill without moving a muscle the act of thinking about skiing down the hill actually made the same muscle fibers that would have actually fired off if he were to be actually skiing fire off from thoughts this has been demonstrated time after time with the placebo effect.

Group A suffering from a particular illness gets prescribed a pharmaceutical FDA-approved drugs specifically designed to treat that illness group be suffering from the same illness gets a sugar pill thinking it’s real medication both groups get cured in fact the new England journal of medicine published a study involving 2 groups suffering from the same degenerative knee disorder.

Group A had a surgery designed to scope of the knee and relieve the symptoms of the disorder. Group B with the permission of the family had a fake surgery a placebo surgery thinking that they had a real surgery only three small incisions were made in the kneecap but no real surgery was performed both groups reported that the surgery was a succes. In fact researchers are suggesting that a minimum of one third of all medical treatment including surgery is due to the belief that the treatment is going to work the placebo effect most people don’t realize that there is also something called the nocebo effect its practically the opposite of the placebo effect. The mind instead of curing illness contributes to illness that’s what a hypochondriac is their believe that they’re going to develop a disease actually causes them to experience symptoms of it whatever believe you hold in your subconscious mind will become your reality bottom line that’s how hypnosis works. The hypnotism plants the idea in the back of their subjects minds and the subject experiences whatever they hold and believe that there’s a spider on their arm their eyes actually see a spider on their arm an amazing demonstration occurs when the hypnotist walks towards his subject with his finger extended he tells the subject that his fingers is hot and burning the hypnotist slowly touches the subject on their arm, and a blister actually forms in the exact place where that finger touched. 
Now, this is crucial to understand in all healing free will as we understand it is all practically an illusion in fact 2-4% of the time you decide what you want to do you actually make the decision 96 to 98 % of the time you don’t you’re on autopilot your subconscious mind controls your decisions 96-98% of the time. 

Do you like once cream? Then snap your fingers and stop liking it.

Do you enjoy watching sports? snap your fingers and stop enjoying it, you can’t 96-98 % of the time everything we crave desire and act upon comes from what we call predominant in the back of our subconscious minds whatever we hold predominantly in the back of our subconscious minds we are attracted to in life what happens when you buy a new car it’s the only car you see on the road for the next two and a half weeks you saw those cars before you bought  your car but why didn’t they stand out to you because you didn’t own the car yourself you weren’t thinking about it yourself what you hold in your mind you’re attracted to in life that’s how subliminal ads work so effectively they work so effectively that they are banned in over ten countries as a way to advertise so if what you hold in the back of your sub mind shapes your reality what shapes your subconscious mind practically everything that you’re exposed to everything that you see hear, smell, taste and feel is shaping your subconscious mind. 

Let’s look at some specifics television here’s a scary stat.

By the time a child finishes elementary school that child has witnessed an estimated 8,000 simulates murders on TV all of these extremely graphic scenes are sinking back into their minds.

Don’t be tricked by Hollywood or cartoons in the most important developmental years when a child should be taught compassion and understanding extremely intelligent minds behind the creation of perceived harmless children’s cartoons are sinking violence into the back of their minds don’t be fooled, what are you listening to on radio every single word or thought you hold in your mind has a particular vibrational frequency, Negative words produce intentions which have lower vibrational frequencies and positive words have higher vibrational frequencies, this is a song by lady gaga called bad romance “I want your drama I want your ugly I want your disease I want a bad bad romance” our thoughts create us we have to be extremely careful with what we are feeding our minds music can be beautiful and beneficial but it can also have an negative impact on your health choose wisely.

When I was growing up the most violence we had video games such as Mario and Luigi jumping over turtles heads, this is what our youth are playing today these gruesome extremely graphic engages are sinking into the backs if their subconscious minds weakening their immune systems and having astronomical gradual negative effects on their health nobody’s saying that these games are gonna make them pick up a gun and go shoot somebody but these games are affecting their health there is zero doubt about that, what happens when you gossip in order for you to gossip you have to hold a negative memory and negative thought inside of your mind you not only think about the negative memory you share it with other person that you’re talking to the second, you hold negative thoughts in your mind the biochemistry of your brain changes and you release cortisol the stress hormone into your blood which then weakens your immune system inhibits the actions of your white blood cells increases the chances of infection and even promotes weight gain all from gossiping all from your thinking you can’t gossip without hurting yourself remember that but if everything you can expose yourself to, there is nothing more important than the thought you hold in your mind we have on average 60,000 thoughts and day and the reality is not only are most of these thoughts the same thoughts we had yesterday but they are negative thoughts either dwelling in something bad in the past or fearing something that could potentially happen on the future the second we have these negative thoughts the second we releases cortisol the stress hormon into our blood our thoughts create us most people believe that situations cause them anxiety stress or cause them to be depressed the reality is this there is absolutely no situation in the entire universe that can cause someone to experience anxiety none it’s your psychological reaction to the situation that can cause you to experience anxiety not the situation itself this is crucial to understand why is it that when one person skydive their brain releases endorphins the good feeling chemical into their blood while releasing cortisol into another’s it’s the same situation how can the company of one person cause excitement and one person while making another person stressed its because it’s never the situation that causes anyone to experience anxiety but their reaction to it, you create your anxiety not a situation when you truly fundamentally understand this truth.

Thats when you realize that you control your anxiety not a situation it’s one of the most liberating feelings you can ever experience, if you create it you can take it away your thoughts control your life you are the creator of your everything choose your thoughts wisely! 

Human Purpose on Earth.Β 

There are humanoid beings on Earth who’ve come from the Star system of the Pleiades in a physical form as a human. Voluntered to visit Earth for their own karmic issues and to help develop the human into Love, and uplift the vibration of the planetary system.

The Galactic Federation of Light in which thousands of benevolent races of this Universe are working together.  This is not science fiction.  If you’re intelligent enough, you will investigate this information before you criticize it. 

There are many extraterrestrials living here as volunteers in order to eliminate the negativity on Earth. Each one has own abilities and tasks. Can be anyone, even you, the soul choose to forget past lives to understand better to the core, from an ignorant perspective, when the soul reached to a physical body in the mothers womb. That is why many of you don’t remember your past lives, but each and every one of you have lived a physical life billions or trillion times, in different dimensions and different densities. You are very wise only if you listen to your soul not your rational ego mind.

Just need to understand your own psychology to see if you’re here to help or not? Psychology comes from greek language, which means “The Talk of the Soul”.

 Are you fooled by dogmatic belief systems? Are you following the money system and organizations without questioning why it is there? And the main thing, you feel alone and you feel like there is too much negativity around you, do you feel one with the plants and animals and insects and all living beings around you? Are you sensitive to negative blunt behavior around you?

If you’re dealing with negative people, I would suggest you to leave and live somewhere else, because typical human behaviour is to copy others around them, if you’re strong enough with love, people around you might change to love, but there are some who are too organized in the ego mind which will led them to attack you or insult you for showing love, it’s not their fault, in this world they’ve been taught to not show self love but only arrogance and hate. They will learn someday, every flower has It’s own time to blossom.

The Universes are naturally full of living beings on different dimensions, but this is kept as a secret on your planet. The dark governments on Earth ridicule the topics about extra-terrestrials and developing the consciousness in order that you have no interest in this and laugh about it. Well, that’s what humans will do if they’ve been kept in the closet for centuries, only if your conscious enough about the Cosmic love through meditation, then only you would know and understand. The people in power are lying to you since thousands of years about extra-terrestrials and Cosmic Laws. They don’t want you to know because they are afraid to lose their power over you, ignorant mass is easy to manipulate. The life isn’t about degrees and jobs, it’s about having love in your heart and understanding of the cosmos not through rational mind, but from the energy of love, universal love where all is one. If you don’t believe it, try to find out the truth in order to know. The proof exists but you have to find it by yourself. Only then you will believe and know. 

They want you to create negative energies and work for them as slaves by financing their wars with your taxes and deriding everything that has to do with spirituality and extra-terrestrials.  They are showing you fake pictures from space, so you will think that there is nothing out there.   Find it out yourself.   You will be very angry that they always have been lying to you. 

The highly evolved people from other planets want you to be free from this system.   The truth is that all the Universes are inhabited.  It is a natural thing and has nothing to do with science fiction.  

Many extra-terrestrials who visited Earth in the past were worshipped by the primitive Earth people as angels or gods.  This is the reason why you still have religions and belief systems on Earth. You are praying to extra-terrestrials who lived here thousands of years ago, positive and negative extra-terrestrials.  It makes no difference for the truth, if you believe it or not.  It has always been a reality.  Try to find out.  

Thousands of earth people know this already.  But in a few years, everybody will see that you were never alone in the Universe.   Don’t be shocked when you see thousands of ships in the sky.   Find out which one is sending Love.  These are the spiritual ones.   Some negative extra-terrestrials pretend to be the Pleiadians.   And some people have contacted them and spread misinformation.  Don’t be blinded with real UFO pictures.  More important is who is inside that ships. As I’ve told you, the universe is inhabited humanoids everywhere, alot of extraterrestrials visit earth even now.

There is a war between the Light and the Darkness going on behind your backs to free you from the mind slavery that you are living since 12,000 years.  You are not free on Earth.  You have forgotten what freedom is.   The only things you know are hate, violence, terror, cigarette, drugs, taxes, fake governments for TV, fear, belief systems, and superstition.   The secret government is creating these things in order to control you.  They are creating the terror themselves, so that they can legally give more power to the military and control technologies.  Their goal is to amplify the negative energy.  

Do you want to live in such a world?  We know that many of you don’t believe that, so again, find out yourself. The evidence is there but you have to make the effort to find it.   

Try to erase the negativity in your minds. Concentrate on positive energy.

That is your power against the evil.   They are powerless against this energy.  That is why they want to distract you from this power.  Don’t let the dark government manipulate you.  They’re using television, radio, newspapers, cigarette, drugs, religions, TV politicians, military, electro-magnetic waves and self-made wars, in order to keep you in a negative mode. 

Everybody who is laughing about this information is already manipulated and has to learn more than others.  An intelligent human first investigates a topic before he has an opinion about it.  The Universe is inhabited by many beings, humanoid and not humanoid.  Your governments had already contacts and are keeping it a secret.  That is why your technology has been developed so fast in the last 50 years. 

You are living on this planet in order to learn how to stay positive even in such a negative world.  The meaning of life is the development of the consciousness, in a more noble level, being spiritual even with negative energies around you.   That is happening over many lives and on many planets because the soul wants to learn everything.  Every planet is a school in which you go a step higher.  Every soul has the goal, to evolve higher back to The Source, to the Cosmic Central Consciousness.   You call it β€œgod” but it is not a person, it is the Energy from which everything exists. 

You have no knowledge about the Universe because you have been given misinformation from your governments and priests.  Even your Earth history books, they have been rewritten or deleted in the Middle Ages, discoveries about Extra Terrestrial colonies, were either kept in secret or have been erased.   Instead they are showing you the discovery of some animal bones and selling it to you as a sensation.  They want to keep you dumb and ignorant so that only they have the knowledge and the power to manipulate you.  Is this fair to you?  Evidence is still there but you have to find it yourself.  They will not tell you this on public TV.  If you really want to get knowledge, the Existence will show you the ways to find it.

Most people on Earth have forgotten how to listen to the soul.  They are distracted on purpose in the
negative society around them.    Friends, it’s time to change this. You’re living in a nightmare.   Erase every negative emotion in you.  Compared to other civilizations in the Universe, you are young and in the kindergarten.   Concentrate on positive emotions.  Try it at least. Create the inner wish to get knowledge about the Universe.  Don’t let the negative people disturb you.   They are stealing your energy and want to keep you primitive as they are. 

Be careful with smokers and alcohol drinkers.  They are influenced by negative astral beings who are living in their auric field and eating your life energy.  Everybody with spiritual power can see this.  If something is vibrating higher than you, it is invisible for you.  This is nothing mystical.  There is no mystical thing.  It is simply higher spiritual science that most people don’t know.  

Negative people are trying to argue with you and make you angry and powerless. 

Positive people are giving you love, power and knowledge.  You have always a choice, whom you want to have on your side, the Light or the Darkness, Love or Hate.   Don’t let them deceive you when they say they are spiritual and at the same time they are smoking or are followers of a religion.   

A spiritual human is taking care of his health because he knows self-love and he is worshiping nobody because he is taking responsibility for his life.  Only if you love yourself, you are able to love others.   A smoker who is destroying himself does not love himself and has to learn it first.   Everybody has to make his choice now if he wants to live for the positive or the negative.   Don’t waste your life with stupid TV shows, with junk food, with drugs, or religions who killed millions of people in the past.  

When you came to Earth, your plan was to evolve to something higher, not to something lower.   Think about it.  The negative thoughts from millions of people since thousands of years are forcing the Earth to get rid of them.  That is why you have chaotic weather, earthquakes, floods, and volcano eruptions.   Earth is not only suffering from gas pollution but also from thought pollution.  Thoughts are energy, and energy has always an effect to the Universe because everything in the Existence is connected.   This is higher science.   Try to charge your thoughts with positive energy whenever you can.   Concentrate on friendliness, not on hate.  

Are you able to do this?   There are thousands of people like me on Earth who can help you to achieve this.   We are the Lightworkers who are using the Light of higher realms of existence to eliminate the negative.   In your history, you have been calling us Angels.   Everybody who is working for the Light is attacked extremely from the Dark Side.   Therefore it is important that Lightworkers increase their Light even more.  

Don’t let yourself being discouraged by negative people or problems that you are facing.  Keep your focus on the goal:  to help this Planet to dive in the spiritual light, where nothing negative can exist.   The experiment β€œEarth” is which we wanted to see if we can hold our Light in a negative environment, is coming slowly to an end.   

The Dark Side wants to prevent this.  Don’t let skeptics, arrogant people, or fake paid psychologists, discourage you.  They are afraid of love and of people with more knowledge than they have.  They need many lives until they are ready for higher wisdom.   It is their free will.  Every flower has its own time to blossom.   

The more Light you are sending out of your heart, the weaker the Dark Side is becoming.  The more the Dark Side is attacking you for this, the more it is for you a compliment that you are doing it well.   The fight against the evil is taking place more inside than outside, in your heart, in your thinking.  

The energy you are sending is important.   If you are thinking negative inside, you will increase the chaos around you because you are feeding it.   If you want to eliminate the chaos on the Planet, send thoughts of love out.  These thoughts will be carried through the morphogenetic field to the whole Planet.  That is how you can destroy the plan of the Dark Side.   They are planning chaos not only on this Planet, but on the whole Galaxy.  Are we going to allow this?

The Dark Side is using the television to lie to you.   Ninety percent of the TV shows have the mission to make you dumb.   They don’t want you to think about the meaning of life.  They want you to believe that everything is okay.  The biggest lie shows are those that have to do with politics.  They are showing you TV politicians and fake elections, to make you think that you have the right to vote.  The real people in power are never on TV and they are elected from their own family members.   As long as you allow such people to rule you, you will stay their slave, to finance their wars with your taxes.  

Imagine inside in what kind of world you want to live.  Imagine a world without violence, without military, without politicians, or sanctimonious priests, without superstition, with belief systems, and without lies.  Imagine a world where only Love rules, where everybody has everything he needs, where knowledge is available for everybody and the contact to higher evolved planets is a natural thing.  

You have to build this strong inner wish to live in such a world.  The more people can imagine and send these thoughts, the easier you can steer the evolution on the Planet in a positive direction.  Begin to listen to the words of your soul, not to the words they are sending you through television or radio.  You can only listen to the words of your soul, when you are in silence, without stress and noise.  

Most people are concentrating daily on hate, enviousness, arguments and arrogance.  They are living unconscious, not conscious, and wasting their life.  

Make your decision now.  In what kind of world do you want to live?

Send thoughts of love to the whole Planet.  This is disturbing the Dark Side more than anything else.  Imagine how the whole Planet is filled with the Light of Love and this Light is burning all the evil away.   Now is the time to prove yourself, if you are really an adult in your mind or not.   Someone who likes hate and violence is less evolved than any arrogant human being. 

The meaning of life is the evolution of your consciousness and your love in your heart.  It is not your car, your mobile phone, your bank account, your religions, sports, horror movies or violence over others.  It is simply your love in your heart.  Only if you think with your heart, you are on the winner’s side.  This is the key to higher existence.  Are you going to use this key or throw it away?   The decision is yours.

The Earth is in a process of transformation in order to move in a higher frequency.   Every planet goes through a transformation like this.  It is the natural way of evolution.  Everything in the universes is developing, nothing stands still.   The Earth’s frequency is increasing slowly, it is higher than decades before.  That’s why some of you have the feeling that time is passing by quicker.  This gives you the opportunity to develop your consciousness even faster because there are more things happening in a short time and your thoughts are manifesting quicker.  

In these higher frequencies, nothing evil can exist.  That’s the reason why the Dark Earth controllers, which consist of Earth humans and evil extra-terrestrials, are doing everything to keep the Earth frequency low.  They are exploding atomic bombs on the ground and high in the sky to disturb the magnetic field of the Earth.  They are spreading the energy of war, hate, competition, and idiocy through the media, and creating fear by manipulating the economy.  They have studied human behavior for hundreds of years and are using the primitive drives and desires of the masses to keep them ignorant and unaware.  They are afraid that the population evolve and grow too much, so they even spread chemicals with planes to make the population ill.  

They are doing even more.  They want total control of everything.  But there is a power that is able to stop them and this power is SPIRITUAL ENERGY.   The more people are using the spiritual power of real Universal Love, the easier it is to eliminate this threat.  As long as you see the Earth as divided countries, disliking each other and being in competition, you are making it very easy for the evil Earth controllers.  

If you want to change a lower energy, you have to use a higher energy.  In some cases, this will come automatically, because the more the humans will suffer, the more they will start to look for new ways to overcome it.   They will start to seek for the truth and the spiritual energy of the Existence.  So see it as a challenge and exercise for you to overcome the inner and outer negativity.  Start to work on your inner healing and development.   The higher frequencies, which are coming from the Source of the Light, are bringing all inner blockades and unhealed emotional patterns in the surface, so you can work on them and heal them.  

You can’t go to higher dimensions with blocking energies, unsolved matters or hate and arrogance.  Belligerent people with hate, arrogance, ego or greed, can’t stand this higher energies of love.  They hate love.  They hate people who are talking about love and insulting them.  They hate everything that expresses love, like harmonious music, beautiful colors, or nature.  They hate especially the people who are telling the truth, because their masks are falling down.  They have the option and chance to overcome their ego, or stay negative and learn their lessons in the next lives. 

It is important to heal all character defects.  Heal all karmic issues and traumatic experiences from this or past life times, and get rid of negative programs for your society like competition thinking, ego, envy, cults, false belief systems, and hating people who are living on another part of the planet.  This will make the way free to develop your spiritual awareness.  

With a higher consciousness, you will understand that everything is energy:  thoughts, feelings, objects, colors, music, form, … everything.  And everything is interconnected.  The Spiritual Energy, or God, is consciousness.  The Existence, the Creation, the Source.  And consciousness can appear in many forms, physical and non-physical, according to the level of frequency.   Energy is the source of everything and you can use this spiritual energy to create your reality.  In fact, you are doing it already but unconscious and mixed with negative mind patterns, like fear or hate.  

Can you imagine what would happen if enough people would use the Cosmic Energy Conscious, with the focus on Universal Love?  It would raise your consciousness and would amplify your life quality.  And when I say β€œlove,” I don’t mean the distorted love that you are using in your religions, cults or relationships.  I mean the real Pure Universal Love, the power of Spiritual Light.  It would start to clean your body energy and change the sub-atomic structure.  

You will have the wish to keep your body clean in order to hold this high energy.  You will have the wish of harmony and you will avoid aggressiveness or negative people.  Aggressiveness, hate, fear or sadness is keeping your energy low.  It is altering the molecular structure of the body, making the body weak and is causing heart attacks, cancer, abscess, appendicitis, rheumatism, and other diseases. So you will avoid evil people, stress, drugs, or unhealthy food.  

Find the connection to the Source back.  Go often to nature to clean your body from negative energies.  Diseases are coming from negative energies or suppressed unhealed emotions.  Some are from karmic reasons, and some are manufactured from the secret World Government.  With a high frequency of Cosmic Love, you can transform all negative energies!  

With love energy, you are able to gain wisdom. With wisdom, you can erase negative karma, and you are a conscious creator of your life because you are cooperating with the Spiritual Laws.  Wisdom comes through the understanding and mastering of experiences out of all your lifetimes.  This is raising your spiritual consciousness.  

Before you incarnated on Earth, you have chosen certain lessons that you wanted to experience and master in order to grow spiritually and develop your soul.  The benevolent humans from other planets will not disturb you in your education.  We would never take this opportunity away from you to evolve.  We are showing you ways how to make it by yourself.  We have only the right to interfere if we incarnate on Earth too.   

And this has been done by many people from hundreds of benevolent races, mostly from us … the Pleiadians … because we have a strong connection to Earth from the past, and because we have done this on other similar planets too, and therefore we are more experienced.  In that way, we can speak with you directly, and act as a magnet for the higher Cosmic Energies.   

We are Lightworkers with many talents.  We love are and everything that is harmonious.  We have nothing to do with your Earth organizations or cults.  Some of us are coming from very high dimensions where everything is pure light.  Everything we do is in coordination with the Laws of Existence, karma and the right time to act.  

You should also know that there are different groups of Pleiadians.  There are over 2,000 planets in the Pleiadian Star System and all of them are differently developed on different dimensions.  Some are part of the Galactic Federation and some not.  Some can be on the same time here and in the future by dividing their consciousness and transferring it into two bodies.  

When you read information about Pleiadians, you should use your higher self to distinguish if they are coming from us, or from malevolent ETs using our name to spread misinformation, or simply from egoistic people who want to get attention.  We do have contacts with you, but mostly in the astral plane when your rational ego mind is sleeping.  

With a higher consciousness, you will be able to feel if information is true or not.  You will not use the limited linear rational thinking.   You will use a spherical thinking to see a topic from every level.   You cannot achieve spiritual awareness with the intellectual mind – only with a loving heart, free of belief systems, only when you cooperate with the Existence and your higher self.  

By using your heart energy, you are making a precious contribution to the Planet.  Every act, thought, or feeling is changing the course of the future because the future is not a fixed thing.  Your thoughts and emotions are changing the future every second.  So there are many possibilities for the future.  There are no accidents in life.  Everything that happens has a reason, even if you don’t see the reason instantly.  

Love is the most important that you need on Earth.  You cannot develop your consciousness if your mind is full of hate, arrogance, enviousness, fear or competition thinking.  

The Galactic Federation of Light is watching the responses to messages and sightings they are sending to you.  On your reactions you can see for yourself in what stage of consciousness you are and if you are ready for global contact.   I’m glad that many Earth people have responded to our Love message with Love.   Unfortunately, there are still too many people who insult Loving people and trying to discredit them, by telling lies to them.  We are observing all this.  


It’s still like 2,000 years ago, when our Space brother, you call Jesus, was crucified by the same kind of people.  Only those who have a developed consciousness are able to recognize Lightworkers.  If you are attacking somebody because he is giving you love, knowledge and wisdom, it shows clearly that you have bad energies inside you forcing you to deny Love and blocking you from experiencing spiritual energy.  

If you want to experience spiritual Light and Wisdom, try to meditate.   Clean yourself with Light and listen to the voice of your true self:  your soul.  Only your soul can teach you how to recognize truth, Love and Lightworkers, not your intellectual mind.  If you have activated the Love in your heart, you would never attach somebody just because he looks different than you, or talks different than you, or if he is living somewhere else than you. 

Like I said before, every planet is a school to develop spirituality and Love.  It depends on you, if you will use love in this lifetime or not.  We will not do the work for you.  Everybody in the Universes is going through this important lesson.  With your intellectual mind, you cannot achieve spirituality because the mind is programmed with belief systems, misinformation, and limitations of your society.  

But you can program your mind new, to open your Heart for a higher consciousness.   Only if you open your Heart chakra you can use real Love: for you, for others, and for the Nature.  Try to connect with the energy of Love that is coming from your soul, inside your Heart chakra.  If you do so, you are in tune with the Cosmic Central Consciousness, or as you call it, with God.  


There are people on Earth who don’t like Love because they have been programmed their whole life not to show loving feelings.  So they don’t love themselves, and therefore they don’t like others who are expressing Love.   With the lack of self-love, they are harming themselves with smoking and alcohol. They are afraid of Love because Love would make them realize the negative energies they are creating against themselves and others.  Now, some smokers take these facts as an offense, but it’s not.  It is knowledge that can help them to understand and heal themselves in order to reach a higher state of consciousness.  We help them to understand how the Universe is functioning.  You are creating your life with the energy of your thoughts and feelings.  The Existence is working with Energy and it is wise to use this energy in a loving, spiritual way, not in a self-destructing way.  

If you have Love in your Heart, you would like everybody to be healthy, so you would give everybody the medicine that is necessary.  And the best medicine is Love and Wisdom = Spiritual Energy.  


Try to understand that as a Pleiadian, I have nothing to do with your political diseases, organizations, cults, religions, or any nation.  I am telling you how to free yourself from those blocking energies. No Lightworker has something to do with these energies.  I came from the higher dimensions of Light, down to a physical body to be able to communicate with you, using the language that you understand.  

I am here to remind you about the way of Love, how to develop your Heart and Consciousness because it is necessary if you want to go along with the Transformation Energies that are coming to Earth.  There are thousands other Lightworkers who came to Earth for the same reason.  Be wise and listen to them.  


The meaning of Life is to have spiritual Love in your heart … nothing else.  

In order to achieve this, you have to be free of negative energies.  Free yourself from hate, enviousness, drugs, arrogance, competition, or insulting others.   THIS IS NOT YOUR TRUE NATURE.    Your true Nature is Spiritual, it is in your soul, and you have to bring this back to the surface.  All space people from higher planets are here to help you find your true nature.  


Don’t waste your life with aggressiveness.  Hate energy makes you only sick, both physically and mentally.  It is leading to destruction and it is blocking you from reincarnating on higher developed planets.  It is more wisely to create energy of Love.   With Love you can transform your society in something better and heal the nature. You will be able to feel if somebody is telling you higher wisdom or not because wisdom comes out of Love.  


If the majority of Earth people would have Love energy, the spiritual humans of other planets would land and meet you globally.  But you can’t expect a contact when you have the energy of aggressiveness in you.  We are very sensitive and we are feeling your thoughts and emotions.  

Look in your daily life and watch yourself.  How do you react in different situations?  Are you reaching out your Soul Wisdom or are you reacting like a robot, programmed from TV?  Especially the internet is being used by many people as a tool to insult others and argue with them.  They think they can harm others because nobody can see them, but in reality they are harming themselves because they are creating negative karma, that has not been cleared in another life (or in this life).  Everything you are doing or thinking comes back, sooner or later.   


So at the moment, we have only contact with loving, spiritual people.  We love everybody, even if some are attacking us, because as a soul everybody is light.  But at the moment we have only contacts with Lightworkers.  The first contact is always in your dreams = in the astral plane (dimension).  Later is can be in the physical.  So I have visited many people in the astral plane and others had sightings of our Lightships.  


A few years ago, I took three persons with me to a contact with Lightbeings, my star family.  They stood in front of us and many Lightships were hovering above us.  Those ships are flying with thoughts and spiritual energy.   You can only stand in front of Lightbeings when your aura is clean, when your frequency, your Love level, is high enough.  Otherwise, their energy would be too strong for you.  Later if enough people will awake, the sightings of our Lightships will increase.  

If you have Love in your Heart, you will have no problem with the Transformation Energy that is increasing on this planet.  If you have Love in your Heart, you would not fear people who are giving you love and cosmic wisdom.   You would give them love back.  Free yourself from fear.  Fear is an Earth Control Program that is being used in your media and religions to block you from becoming spiritual.  

Open your Heart chakra and let the Love of your soul shine through.  With Love, you are prepared for the coming transformation of the planet.  With Love, you are prepared to get out of duality.  With Love in your Heart, you are prepared for the higher Light Energy.  

Send every day, thoughts of Love to the whole planet.  In that way, you can help other people to evolve, to live a better life, a live of Love and Abundance.  May your Love reach everybody.  

I wish you all:  Freedom, Bliss and Awareness.

 Have courage! Have confidence!

The atoms which consist our body might have came from different universe.

SEX SEX SEX…… Now that I got your attention, why not we talk about how our planet Earth is actually constructed by the ancient space travelling astronauts, amazing right? Humanoid looking beings are everywhere in the Universe… well, that’s what I think… if there are planets, probably got life too, not humans but any sort of life which is meant to live on such surface. Or if you are a flat earth believer, then we might be living in a stimulated world, like video games are made up of bits or binary codes, everything you’re looking at is made up of atoms. What if a intelligent being made this all up for there entertainment, like in the bible, God was having fun with Job, maybe God and Satan always bet on humans and make there lives miserable and laugh how funny we fall and pray to God like a dumbass. Anyways… enough about bible… 

We are made up of the matter which is billions of years old, from the big bang. Every atom in our body came from the big bang. Matter can not be destroyed or created.

We are made up of those atoms. If that is the case that means we are actually, billions of years old yet act like 5 year old.

Every year 98% of our atoms replaced, which raise a question…  are you still yourself?

Anyways… NASA have found thousands of habitable planets in our own galaxy, so, if evolution can make life on planet Earth on which you’re sitting and reading this boring blog, it is possible that there is life on other planets too, I mean these galaxies have nothing and only one planet, God’s favorite planet? This doesn’t make sense.

This planet alone has been inhabited by so many species, trillions of species alone on one planet, even now we don’t know much about our own ocean. We know more about Mars than we know about what’s in the depth of the ocean awaits for us to be discover (nobody down there is waiting for real, calm down) , maybe mermaids… who knows, imagine how many life forms there might be on those thousands of planet.

Life doesn’t have to be humanoid, humans can’t live inside water, but fish can, if a planet is made up of water, it will be habitable for the species who are meant to live in that atmosphere. This reminds me of a planet which is made up of diamond, Saturn rains diamonds, like Venus rains acid,  oh yeah, forgot about Uranus also rains diamonds. Uranus was first to be discovered by astronauts.

Also, it can be that extraterrestrial doesn’t wanna talk to us, like when a human is walking, they don’t notice any bugs and doesn’t bother to look at them, uninterested and leave and the worm doesn’t even know about the humans existence. 

This embarrassing moment actually happened in real, NASA received a undecoded message from Saturn’s moon, known as Ganymede, and NASA let the president know about the message and after week’s of conferences and meetings they finally decided to reply them, NASA decided to send the message in Morse Code which was considered to be the easiest for an alien civilization to decode.  It was “We have received your signal, but we do not understand it.  Please resend your signal using this language and transmission code.” After  short time, someone from Ganymede replied ~ We were not talking to you.“, so embarrassing, it’s like you’re walking and you spot a friend, you wave to them but someone esle you don’t wanna talk to waves back thinking you waved at them, and then there is this awkward tension.

There was another message which also made humans to get embarrassed about There childish behavior, in 1977, there was a broadcast which hacked UK’s monitors to transmit a message, telling humans in his ungodly manliest manly voice that we need to stop the use of nuclear weapons and we have but a short time to learn and live together in peace.” They thought a human hijacked there monitors, but if it was a human, won’t the message be like “Burn merica me God best my god the best fuck the rest” only a concerned neighbourhood would sound like “Throw the weapons of evil and the energy you call money.” Why would a human talk like that. Ever heard a human say that.. and it ain’t easy to hijack all the monitors of UK. Because UK is UK. 

Here is the link:
It’s like two kids fighting over there imaginary friend who got better Imaginary friend than other one (talking about religion, imagery friend is God for those who can’t understand jokes) and a adult got in to stop the fight and warn them and left.

There are many universes in the source. In a theory, It is said to be that we are living inside a black hole, each black hole contains a Universe. How? Black hole suck everything in even light can’t escape the gravitational pull a black hole has, it spins so fast that it breaks  the  if that is the case then our matter came from a different universe. Amazing right? I’m sure all universes are inhabited by many different species, different life forms. They are living in different densities, according to their dimensions they are in. The photonic energy is high in the higher dimensions, these beings have an etheric body, out of photons. To understand about the photonic energy. Read “Astral Body” ~

Everything is made up of there thought energy, even ships are made by there thought energy. 

Read these links to understand about the thought energy better:

Everyone is telepathic and are connected to each other by the power of love. In the lower dimensions, where the energy is low they have a physical body. Humans are everywhere in the universe on different dimensions, on different planets with different level of consciousness. In lower dimensions, you’ll receive a vessel for your soul, the vessel will look like the ones you got genes from and that will be your parents, it is yours untill you experience the sweet release of death, in this realm, you’ll learn lessons in life, understand that there are no mistakes, everything is happening for a reason, lessons are going to get repeated if you didn’t get it in the first place, Even some moons and suns have life. Suns are also gates to other dimensions. There are many planets who have life on the same frequency as the earth, but most planets are more developed and have life on a higher dimension. That means that there is more cosmic energy and everything is more beautiful and lovable. Nature is happy with flowers, animals aren’t afraid to face those beings as animals are afraid to contact a human here. Everybody is telepathic, there are no lies , no diseases, no aggressiveness, because love energy sent through intent has conformational changes on the DNA molecules, the DNA heals itself in the presence of loving energy, and evolve faster, People on higher developed planets are living in Oneness with the source of the Universe. In the universe that we are now in, many developed humans and other species in the universe are traveling light years away since billions of years as astronauts with space ships, or as a light being and are visiting and exploring the Universe, this is the cause of our evolution, our DNA was reengineered by beings who visited earth thousands of years ago, this is why we have different languages, culture, faces etc.. etc… the Gods humans worship are just humans visitors from distant planets. Some came here to teach humans love, some came here to create war and power and some for greedy purposes. It is because of ancient space travelers, that planet earth is inhabited by different kinds of humans, different life forms, animals and plants. They’ve shaped the history of this planet for millions of years. The vibrations and the frequency on Earth is constantly rising, everyone’s thoughts and emotions are manifesting quicker, It is the time for your purification from both outside and inside. Keep on spreading love, fill yourself with photons…because soul is made up of photonic energy.

If you are dealing with blockades in your life, ask your inner self to show you what you have to heal in your life. Watch your thoughts and if you see that they are negative, turn them around with positive energy. Imagine that you are receiving Love and Light from the Universe. Cosmic Love is the biggest power there is. It is the key to higher consciousness.

We all are here to assist our fellow human beings to evolve out of negative energies into the energies of Light, but first we need to work on our self, taking out the ego and being guided by the soul. Earth humans have to learn to live in tune with nature. The planet is a living being and air, the water, the plants and the animals should be treated with respect. If earth humans continue to live against nature and against love with exaggerated consumption, greed for power, use of poison and atomic power in the industry and continue to create hate energy against others. life on earth will be very unpleasant, because the universe and the planet will have to purify the negative energy. If you are destroying nature – you are destroying yourself! All earth humans are responsible of how society will be. Your thoughts and emotions are creating your future! Because it is the energy of the source, the cosmic central consciousness, the source of all sources. We can overcome every difficulty, every obstacle, if we use the power of cosmic love. Even for big, worldwide problems we can find solutions if we unfold the power of cosmic love. If negative people make you sad and weaken your high vibrational love energy build it up again! Your love energy should always be in a healthy, powerful state. Real spiritual humans are creating positive energies for the benefit of all the other humans because we all are connected.

My lovely fellow humans, be brave, trust yourselves and have faith, Light and Love will always finds a way to teach you lessons which is important for you. Always remember that you are not alone, that I will always support you, as well as your Family of Light in the universe watching you grow.

love you with Universal Cosmic Love.

Thank you very much for reading.

Have a good life.

Megan Sebastian!