Simulated Universe.

MOORE’S LAW During 1965 gordon E moore created a formula that proposed computer power will double every 24 months. In 1960 an average vomputer contained 2, 300 transistor, and in just 50 years jumped to about 5. 6 billion transistors. Which us exactly what Moore’s Law predicted. 100 years from now, the power in computers […]

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The Universe is full of life.

⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐ In the Universe that we are now,  Many developed humanoid civilizations on other planet and other different species in this universe, have been travelling since billions of years, as Astronauts, with spaceships or as a light-being, and are visiting and exploring the Existence of the Source, some of them visited Earth, some were benevolent and […]

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The Pineal Gland.

​Main Access-Point Between Astral Body And Physical Body.  The penial glad is the center of the brain, the physiological center that is the access point between your astral body it’s out there floating around the physical body. Let’s say you tried to solve this scientific problem and you’re trying to discover calculus, you’re trying to discover […]

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The Sub-Counscious Mind.

Video games are made up of bits of binary codes, and humans and the whole universe is made up of atoms, what if a far superior being made a video game and we are the game or program, so would that means we are living in a trance. A Human body, if you look at […]

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Human Purpose on Earth.Β 

There are humanoid beings on Earth who’ve come from the Star system of the Pleiades in a physical form as a human. Voluntered to visit Earth for their own karmic issues and to help develop the human into Love, and uplift the vibration of the planetary system. The Galactic Federation of Light in which thousands […]

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